How are the Saints chosen in Saint Seiya?

We all know that the warriors of Athena have their own cloths, but how are they chosen?

In Saint Seiya, the saints are predestined to wield their cloths. It is a pretty clear message throughout the whole anime, as, for example, Seiya (the Pegasus Saint) is the reincarnation of Tenma (the previous Pegasus Saint). This is true for all of the saints, from bronze to gold.

It doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard for it: in order to wield this cloth, they endure hard training and reach their cosmos to the heights (click here to know more about Cosmos in Saint Seiya).

In the dynamic universe of Saint Seiya, the prominence of Saints adds a layer of mystique and power to the narrative. These formidable warriors play a pivotal role in the cosmic battles between good and evil.

Within their ranks, the method of selection becomes a fascinating aspect, introducing two distinctive paths: the enigmatic “Golden Path” and the method of “Promotion.”

Promotion from Bronze to Gold Saint

The “Promotion” method unfolds as an intriguing pathway to ascension within the ranks of the Gold Saints.

Thes promotion method involves a transformative journey from a soldier or lower-tier Saint, either Bronze or Silver, culminating in the coveted status of a Gold Saint. The method introduces a unique progression, highlighting the evolution and growth of these individuals on their cosmic quest.

Detailing the transitional phases, individuals under the “Promotion” method undergo a significant metamorphosis, progressing from the ranks of soldiers or lower-tier Saints.

The ultimate goal is the attainment of the esteemed status of a Gold Saint, a position of honor and power within the cosmic hierarchy.

A notable example illustrating the “Promotion” method is the case of Dohko, who ascended to the position of the Libra Saint. Check who the 5 main bronze saints will become in Saitn Seiya.

His prior role as the Dragon Saint exemplifies the trajectory of growth and progression within the Gold Saint hierarchy, offering a compelling narrative of evolution and transition.

Being born a Gold Saint

Despite many gold saints being bronze or silver saints, that isn’t the case for all of them: many were just born in to it.

However, some aspects of the story implies that certain individuals are born with the talent of a Gold Saint ingrained in their very being. It transcends mere training, representing a cosmic birthright that sets them apart. Mu were Shion’s apprentice before being the Aries gold saint, and Gemini Saga appeared as a baby in the sanctuary, for example.

Gold Saints born with this innate ability are rare, and that’s why they’re the gold saints, the most powerful saints of Athena. Check who’s the strongest gold saint in Saint Seiya.

Gold Saints and Zodiac Signs

For the gold saints, there are some other requirements, such as their zodiac sign.

The Gold Saints, as cosmic warriors, are bound by a unique requirement—they must align with the zodiac sign corresponding to their respective Gold Cloth. This alignment is a crucial aspect of their cosmic identity, adding depth to their connection with celestial forces. Notable instances include Seiya as Sagitarius and Hyoga as Aquarius.

This illustrates the harmony between the cosmic warriors and the celestial forces they represent. Check all of the astrologicy references in Saint Seiya.

This alignment serves as a symbolic link between the individual and their cosmic destiny within the Saint Seiya universe.

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