How Many Saints are in Saint Seiya? A Complete Guide

Journey with us as we embark on an exploration of the diverse ranks and constellations that compose this pantheon of guardians. 

In the “Saint Seiya” universe, there are a total of 88 Saints, who are warriors chosen by the Greek goddess Athena to protect the Earth against various threats. The main ranks include Bronze Saints (48 in total), Silver Saints (24 in total), and Gold Saints (12 in total). 

These Saints are categorized into different ranks based on their strength and abilities. Each Gold Saint represents one of the zodiac constellations and is considered the most powerful among the Saints. 

The Bronze and Silver Saints are also associated with different constellations. These Saints wear mystical armors known as Cloths, which grant them enhanced powers and protection. Click here to see the strongest saints in the show.

All Bronze Saints in Saint Seiya

Here’s a brief description of each of the 10 main Bronze Saints from the original “Saint Seiya” anime:

  1. Pegasus Seiya: The courageous protagonist, donning the Pegasus Cloth, wields powerful energy-based attacks, embodying unwavering determination.
  2. Dragon Shiryu: Clad in the Dragon Cloth, he’s a calm and honorable fighter who employs his Cosmo to protect with his impenetrable shield and unleash devastating punches. Click here to check the chinese mythology in Saint Seiya.
  3. Cygnus Hyoga: Wearing the Cygnus Cloth, he commands the frigid power of ice, creating freezing tempests and chilling foes to the bone.
  4. Andromeda Shun: With the Andromeda Cloth, he surprises with gentle yet potent chains, proving strength lies beyond appearances.
  5. Phoenix Ikki: Wearing the Phoenix Cloth, his intense flames can both heal and obliterate, encapsulating his complex nature.
  6. Unicorn Jabu: A loyal fighter in the Unicorn Cloth, he employs speed and agility to overcome his adversaries.
  7. Lionet Ban: Displaying determination in the Lionet Cloth, he’s a fierce warrior despite his smaller stature.
  8. Bear Geki: As a burly combatant in the Bear Cloth, he relies on brute force and resilience.
  9. Wolf Nachi: Swift and agile in the Wolf Cloth, he employs swift maneuvers to outwit foes.
  10. Hydra Ichi: Wearing the Hydra Cloth, he’s a cunning combatant utilizing multiple heads to confuse and strike.
  11. Chameleon June: She is Shun’s childhood friend and, besides seeming scary, is a very kind person.

These Bronze Saints form the foundation of Saint Seiya’s heroic narrative, each contributing their unique skills and personalities to the saga.

How many Bronze Saints are in Saint Seiya?

These celestial champions, chosen by the benevolent deity Athena, stand as humanity’s last line of defense against malevolent forces that threaten Earth and beyond. 

In the expansive Saint Seiya universe, a total of 88 Bronze Saints exist, each bearing their unique armors and cosmic powers. However, the original anime only shows 11 of the Bronze Saints, captivating audiences with their heroic quests and battles against evil.

The franchise has expanded to include various spin-offs, additional characters, and alternate continuities, leading to a diverse array of Saint characters beyond the original 88. Click here to read a review of Saint Seiya Omega, the main anime sequel.

What is the role of a Bronze Saint?

With 48 members, the Bronze Saints outnumber the 88-strong Saint group.

During Holy Wars, their primary tasks include aiding senior Saints and executing missions like gathering intel and safeguarding civilians. They confront formidable adversaries wearing Surplices, beyond common troops’ capability.

Despite inherent limitations, some Bronze Saints amplify their Cosmo to match Silver Saints or even surpass, expanding their prowess.

All Silver Saints in Saint Seiya

Here’s a brief overview of each of the mentioned Silver Saints from “Saint Seiya”:

  1. Eagle Marin: A loyal protector and mentor, Marin wears the Eagle Silver Cloth. She’s highly skilled, playing a significant role in guiding and training the main characters.
  2. Ophiuchus Shaina: A fierce and determined warrior, Shaina wears the Ophiuchus Silver Cloth. She’s known for her loyalty and her complex relationship with Pegasus Seiya.
  3. Lizard Misty: Misty utilizes the Lizard Silver Cloth and employs poison-based techniques. He’s manipulative and cunning, often using psychological tactics in battle.
  4. Hound Asterion: Wearing the Hound Silver Cloth, Asterion is characterized by his loyalty and determination, using his skills to protect Athena’s ideals.
  5. Whale Moses: Moses dons the Whale Silver Cloth and is associated with water-based attacks. He’s a formidable force in battle, using his strength to overpower opponents.
  6. Centaurus Babel: Clad in the Centaurus Silver Cloth, Babel is a dominating warrior who wields his Cosmo with strength and power, often using brute force tactics.
  7. Perseus Algol: Algol, with the Perseus Silver Cloth, manipulates light and mirrors, employing illusions to confuse and deceive his adversaries.
  8. Crow Jamian: Jamian wears the Crow Silver Cloth and is known for his agility and cleverness. He’s capable of exploiting opponents’ weaknesses.
  9. Cerberus Dante: Dante’s Cerberus Silver Cloth reflects his tenacity in battle. His techniques are aggressive and fiery, representing his fierce personality.
  10. Auriga Capella: Capella’s Auriga Silver Cloth showcases his brute strength and confidence. He relies on sheer power to overcome his opponents.
  11. Canis Major Sirius: Sirius, in the Canis Major Silver Cloth, is known for his immense speed and dominance in battle, embodying the power of his constellation.
  12. Musca Dio: Dio utilizes the Musca Silver Cloth and is manipulative, using his abilities to control opponents and situations to his advantage.
  13. Heracles Algethi: Algethi, wearing the Hercules Silver Cloth, emphasizes strength and endurance, often utilizing these qualities to overcome challenges.
  14. Sagitta Ptolemy: Ptolemy’s Sagitta Silver Cloth grants him exceptional accuracy in his long-range attacks, making him a formidable ranged combatant.
  15. Lyra Orphée: Orphée, wearing the Lyra Silver Cloth, is a talented musician with the power to manipulate sound and energy for both offense and defense.
  16. Cepheus Daidalos: Daidalos’s Cepheus Silver Cloth showcases his craftsmanship. He creates powerful constructs and weapons to aid him in battle.

These Silver Saints contribute diverse skills and personalities to the world of “Saint Seiya,” enhancing the complexity of the characters and the challenges they face.

How many Silver Saints are in Saint Seiya?

These formidable warriors, each adorned with unique Silver Cloths, stand ready to defend Athena’s cause.

While the “Saint Seiya” anime features 24 Silver Saints, not all receive screen time. However, due to the narrative focus and pacing, the series primarily highlights a select group, offering a glimpse into their struggles and triumphs.

This approach ensures a concentrated exploration of character dynamics and development within the expansive universe of Saint Seiya.

What is the role of a Silver Saint?

Silver Saints, specialist warriors in “Saint Seiya,” possess potent tools and weaponry that enhance their abilities, even though Saints typically favor unarmed combat.

They receive assignments from the Sanctuary, often traveling globally with unwavering determination. Though overshadowed by Gold Saints, Silver Saints embody Athena’s true ideals with formidable power and Cosmo. Some, like Marin and Shaina, support protagonists throughout the narrative.

Despite their strength, they are sometimes defeated, serving as a stepping stone for the Bronze Saints’ development and introducing Gold Saints as more formidable foes.

Silver Saints have occasionally been portrayed as ruthless and villainous, differing from the usual peaceful Saint archetype.

Their power surpasses Bronze Saints, and few Silver Saints even exceed Gold Saints in strength, playing pivotal roles in training new generations and safeguarding unclaimed Cloths.

All Gold Saints in Saint Seiya

Here’s a brief overview of each Gold Saint from “Saint Seiya”:

  • Aries Mū: The serene and wise Gold Saint, Mū, is known for his masterful control over the Crystal Wall technique, which can manipulate dimensions and protect allies.
  • Taurus Aldebaran: A loyal and compassionate warrior, Aldebaran wields incredible strength and fights with the Great Horn attack, symbolizing his unwavering defense of justice.
  • Gemini Saga: A complex character, Saga is initially noble but succumbs to the dark ambitions of his other personality. His Galactic Explosion is a devastating technique.
  • Gemini Kanon: Saga’s twin brother, Kanon redeems himself after his villainous past. His Cosmic Marionation controls foes’ movements, and he uses it for good.
  • Cancer Deathmask: Deathmask, sinister and ruthless, employs his Cursed Sword to drain opponents’ life force, making him a formidable and fearsome adversary.
  • Leo Aiolia: Known for his unwavering loyalty and fierce determination, Aiolia wields the Photon Burst, a blinding attack that reflects his radiant spirit.
  • Virgo Shaka: A master of meditation and inner peace, Shaka uses his Enlightenment to awaken his foes’ fears and insecurities, rendering them powerless.
  • Libra Dōko: A just and honorable Gold Saint, Dōko’s technique, Rozan Rising Dragon, combines strength and elegance, representing his balanced nature.
  • Scorpio Milo: The agile and charismatic Milo employs Antares Flame, harnessing the power of the scorpion constellation to create scorching attacks.
  • Sagittarius Aiolos: Revered for his noble heart and sense of justice, Aiolos’ golden arrow pierces through evil, showcasing his incredible speed and accuracy.
  • Capricorn Shura: With his Excalibur technique, Shura’s strength and swordsmanship make him an indomitable force, while his inner conflict tests his resolve.
  • Aquarius Camus: Camus’ Diamond Dust freezes foes in their tracks, representing his cool and collected nature as he battles for Athena’s ideals.
  • Pisces Aphrodite: The enchanting Aphrodite wields the power of the Pisces Exclamation, manipulating the cosmos to create devastating shockwaves.
  • Grand Pope Shion: Originally the leader of the Sanctuary, Shion’s wisdom and experience guide the Saints. He uses the Starlight Extinction to purify evil.

Each Gold Saint brings unique skills, personalities, and challenges to the world of “Saint Seiya,” contributing to the epic narrative’s complexity and depth. Click here to see who’s the strongest gold saint.

How many Gold Saints are in Saint Seiya?

The Gold Saints play a pivotal role in the series, with their strength and wisdom making them instrumental in maintaining peace and protecting humanity from various threats.

In “Saint Seiya,” there are a total of 12 Gold Saints. These powerful warriors, each representing a zodiac constellation, stand as the elite defenders of Athena’s cause. Their mastery of Cosmo, unique techniques, and unwavering dedication make them crucial figures in the battles against formidable adversaries.

The Gold Saints, embodying the pinnacle of strength and prowess among the Saint ranks, are revered for their mastery over the Seven Senses and the ability to unleash the godly power of Cosmo.

Their distinctive personalities, relationships, and individual quests add depth to the series.

What is the role of a Gold Saint?

Gold Saints don the twelve powerful Gold Cloths, representing zodiac constellations, making them the mightiest of the 88 Cloths.

When united, the Gold Cloths resonate with light and sound, a rare event usually signaled by Athena or the Grand Pope during crises. Masters of the Seventh Sense, Gold Saints exhibit incredible abilities such as light-speed movement.

Their Cloths harness the sun’s energy due to their celestial positioning. Their power transcends limits, and some even access the Eighth Sense. While revered, not all Gold Saints are virtuous; cruelty persists among them.

Their battles are legendary, leading to “Thousand Day Wars” or unleashing the forbidden “Athena Exclamation” technique.

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