Is Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Canon?

The term “canon” in this context means that the events and characters of “Saintia Sho” are recognized as official and legitimate parts of the Saint Seiya storyline.

“Saint Seiya Saintia Sho” is indeed considered canon within the expansive Saint Seiya universe. It is closely tied to the established lore of the series. The manga and anime adaptation of “Saintia Sho” were developed under the supervision of Kurumada himself, ensuring that the series maintains continuity with the broader Saint Seiya narrative.

The story introduces new characters, including the Saintias, and offers fresh perspectives on the universe while integrating elements and references from the original series.

This official status means that events in “Saintia Sho” are considered as part of the overarching storyline, and they can influence or be influenced by events in other Saint Seiya media, further expanding and enriching the Saint Seiya mythos for fans of the franchise. Check a Saintia Sho anime review.

Proof 1: Author Interview in Le Monde

I’ll explain a little further, based on the informations I gor on this website here.

“Saint Seiya Saintia Sho” is definitively considered canon based on the insights shared by Chimaki Kuori, the mangaka responsible for the series, in her interview with Le Monde.

In the interview, Kuori addresses the challenge of creating a feminine-focused series within the predominantly male-oriented universe of “Saint Seiya.” She emphatically states that her decision to accept the project was firm, underscoring her commitment to it.

Kuori recognized that this endeavor meant undertaking an exhaustive effort, as she was venturing into a universe well-known and cherished by fans.

Her acknowledgment of “a canonical universe extremely known and appreciated” reinforces that “Saintia Sho” operates within the same established universe as the original “Saint Seiya” series.

Kuori’s statement that “male characters reappear” in “Saintia Sho” and that “the series takes place in the same world as the original” solidifies the series’ canonical status.

This clearly indicates that “Saintia Sho” is set within the classic “Saint Seiya” world, and its narrative is integrated with that of the original series. Click here to read a Saintia Sho manga review.

Proof 2: Author Interview in Japan Expo 2016

Several key elements from the interview highlight its canonical nature.

First, the idea of focusing on women serving Athena within the Saint Seiya universe originated from Masami Kurumada, the original creator of Saint Seiya. This crucial detail indicates that “Saintia Sho” was conceived with the direct involvement and approval of Kurumada, who played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative concept.

Additionally, the fact that Kurumada provided Chimaki Kuori, the mangaka of “Saintia Sho,” with a general draft to follow demonstrates his active role in guiding the creation of the series.

The absence of a predefined duration or number of volumes for the project suggests a level of flexibility, allowing for the story’s organic development while ensuring it remains consistent with the established Saint Seiya world.

Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and the mutual collaboration between Kuori and Kurumada underscore the commitment to maintaining the “Saint Seiya” spirit and continuity.

Kurumada’s involvement in reviewing and approving the script for each new story arc reflects his dedication to ensuring that “Saintia Sho” aligns with the essence and lore of the original series.

Chimaki Kuori’s approach of “pretending the movie to have never happened” and her acknowledgment of Kurumada’s choice for the series’ antagonist (Eris, the Goddess of Discord) further solidify the connection between “Saintia Sho” and the original “Saint Seiya” universe.

The deliberate inclusion of elements related to the anime movie and Kurumada’s influence on character and story choices reinforce the series’ canonical status.

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