Is Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold Canon?

In the context of the franchise, “canon” refers to an official part of the overarching narrative.

“Soul of Gold,” an anime series, is considered canon within the “Saint Seiya” anime franchise, but it exists separately from the original manga “Saint Seiya” storyline. While “Soul of Gold” adheres to the established mythology and universe of the “Saint Seiya” anime, it doesn’t directly tie into the primary storyline of the original manga.

Instead, it explores a distinct narrative arc involving the Gold Saints. This allows for creative expansion of the “Saint Seiya” universe without altering the core events of the original series. Check other Saint Seiya curiosities here.

Fans recognize “Soul of Gold” as part of the broader lore, offering supplementary content that enriches the overall experience, even though it operates independently from the main canon. Click here to know if the Steel Saints are canon.

Is Saint Seya: Soul of Gold Canon in the Anime?

While separate from the core storyline, “Soul of Gold” enriches the “Saint Seiya” universe, demonstrating the franchise’s versatility and commitment to expanding its intricate mythos.

“Soul of Gold” is unequivocally recognized as canon within the “Saint Seiya” anime universe. Set within the continuity of the original series, this spin-off explores the adventures of the Gold Saints, formidable warriors who wear the revered Gold Cloth armors.

It unfolds after the events of the Hades arc and delves into the resurrection of these valiant Saints in the legendary land of Asgard.

Although distinct from the central narrative, “Soul of Gold” maintains fidelity to the established lore, retaining consistent character traits, power dynamics, and cosmology.

As a canonical extension, it contributes depth to the Gold Saints’ individualities and devotion to their cause. Click here to know if the Asgard saga is canon.

Is Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold Canon in the Manga?

The manga, created by Masami Kurumada, serves as the primary source material and establishes the core narrative of “Saint Seiya.”

“Soul of Gold” holds a unique status in the “Saint Seiya” realm, as it is not considered canon in the original manga. While the anime is a continuation of the anime adaptation, it departs from the manga’s storyline.

“Soul of Gold” introduces a storyline that is not derived from the manga’s events and diverges from its canon plot points. While it features familiar characters and elements, it exists as an alternate narrative within the anime adaptation.

This distinction prompts fans to differentiate between the original manga canon and the supplementary nature of “Soul of Gold,” illustrating how a franchise can evolve through different mediums while adhering to its foundational source. Click here to know if Heaven Chapter Overture is canon.

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