Top 10 Saint Seiya Best Fights

If there’s an anime that will remain in the hearts of most Brazilians, that anime is Saint Seiya.

From Seiya’s battle against Cassios to the final showdown with Hades, the anime has gifted us with incredible fights.

Our mission today is to present to you our list of the ten best fights from the anime Saint Seiya!

There might be fights missing from this list that meant a lot to you, so don’t be offended! Preferences can vary from person to person. Let’s get to the list! The original article was posted in portuguese here, I only changed the order or some fights.

10. Cygnus Hyoga vs. Scorpio Milo

Bloody battles were common in Saint Seiya. Among them, some reached an absurdly visceral level. One of these is the battle between Hyoga and Milo, the Gold Saint of Scorpio.

Clearly weakened after being defrosted in the House of Libra, Hyoga faces his opponent head-on!

Milo could have won the fight, but upon realizing that Hyoga reaches the Seventh Sense and his determination to fight for Saori, Milo lets the Cygnus Saint pass through his house.

9. Phoenix Ikki vs. Cerberus Dante and Auriga Capella

Phoenix Ikki is one of the most beloved characters in Saint Seiya. In the mid-90s, “anti-hero” characters were quite popular, like Wolverine, for example.

In this fight, Ikki demonstrates how powerful and violent he can be, defeating two Silver Saints on his own. His famous catchphrases are a highlight that made Ikki famous.

8. Shiryu vs. Perseus Algol

Among all the memorable moments of Saint Seiya, the fight between Dragon Shiryu and the Silver Saint Perseus Algol is remembered for having the greatest personal sacrifice.

Unable to look at his opponent due to the Medusa Shield, an artifact that turned its opponents into stone when looked upon, Shiryu sees no other alternative but to blind himself by removing his own eyes.

This fight brought tears to many back in the day and visually, it’s agonizing to watch.

7. Ikki and Kanon vs. The Three Judges of Hell

The last saga of Saint Seiya, Hades, brought forth some good fights. Although the ending was rushed and some fights lacked the excitement of previous sagas, there were still great moments.

One of the highlights of this saga was the Ikki/Kanon duo against the Three Judges of Hell. Epic moves, impactful phrases, and an emotional climax. This fight will go down in history.

6. Ikki vs. Virgo Shaka

Ikki’s trademark is always appearing when his brother Shun, the Andromeda Saint, is in danger or when all the other bronze Saints are defeated.

He acts much more alone than in a group during the anime! Here, Ikki awakens his Seventh Sense for the first time and pushes the Gold Saint of Virgo, Shaka, to his limits.

In this fight, Ikki delivers his catchphrases even in an absurdly disadvantageous situation! It’s almost hilarious…

5. Seiya and Ikki vs. Gemini Saga

During the climax of the Twelve Houses Saga, Seiya reaches the chambers of the Grand Master of the Sanctuary and discovers that he is Saga, the Gold Saint of Gemini.

The battle begins, and at a certain point, Ikki arrives to help Seiya but is also defeated by Saga’s incredible power. The ending of this incredible fight concludes in a fantastic way. This fight is pure nostalgia!

4. The Bronze Saints vs Siegfried

The Asgard Saga is a filler in the anime’s story, but it had very good fights, and its climax already introducing the Poseidon Saga was incredible!

The Saint Siegfried defeated the five bronze Saints on his own, and if Siren Sorento hadn’t appeared and the plot hadn’t taken a “plot twist,” he would have defeated them.

The fights are incredible! Highlights for Ikki and Shiryu, who put on quite a show in this battle.

3. Andromeda Shun vs. Pisces Aphrodite

In the final house of the Zodiac, Pisces, Andromeda Shun is alone and must face the Gold Saint Aphrodite.

This fight impressed everyone by showing how powerful Shun truly is. In this fight, we learn about Shun’s past and training, discovering that he was far from the weakest among the bronze Saints.

The fight has an incredible climax where Shun, without his chains and armor, defeats Aphrodite with a secret move. Surely, this fight took most by surprise, as everyone expected Ikki to come and save Shun.

2. Seiya, Hyoga, and Shiryu vs. Poseidon

For those who followed the anime in the 90s, this fight was incredibly anticipated. Not just because no one could bear the hundreds of reruns of the Twelve Houses Saga and the countless reruns of the Asgard Saga, but also because in this fight, the bronze Saints wore gold armors.

Seiya with the Sagittarius Gold Cloth (which had briefly occurred in another part of the anime), Hyoga with the Aquarius Gold Cloth, and Shiryu with the Libra Gold Cloth.

The fight is extensive, but seeing the bronze Saints reach an incredible power and use gold armors is definitely worth it!

1. Virgo Shaka vs. Camus, Shura, and Saga

During the first part of the Hades Saga called Hades: Sanctuary Chapter, the Sanctuary in Greece is invaded by the specters of Hades.

Among them were the deceased Saints Capricorn Shura, Gemini Saga, and Aquarius Camus. At a certain point, they are confronted by the Gold Saint Virgo, Shaka, who, using an incredible strategy, faces these powerful Saints alone.

In addition to displaying his immense power and clearly showing that it was possible to defeat the specters alone, Shaka demonstrates his mercy and, at the same time, executes his parallel plan (the reason is explained several chapters later).

This fight might not be as violent and visceral as the others, but the applied strategy earns it the second place!

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