Saint Seiya Episode G Review

Are you into Japanese manga ? Need an exciting story with great visuals? Don’t miss Saint Seiya Episode G! This article reviews the series. It’s worth the read! F

Art Style

The art style of ‘Saint Seiya Episode G’ is an eye-catching treat. It offers intricate details, vivid colors, and dynamic compositions that bring the characters and story to life.

The character designs are full of detail and express each character’s personality and abilities. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s pretty cool. The backgrounds are crafted with precision, taking viewers to mythical realms and adding to the story. Action sequences are a little busy, but they capture intense battles with impressive choreography.

This art style combines nostalgia with modern aesthetics. Characters pay homage to the designs in the original series. Click here to check the best Saint Seiya videogames.


The characters in Saint Seiya Episode G are important. They are each unique, with different sets of abilities and personalities.

The main characters in Saint Seiya Episode G are the Gold Saints, an elite group of twelve warriors devoted to the goddess Athena, whose duty is to protect the Earth from evil. They are good characters for the manga because they are well-established in the Saint Seiya universe.
The Gold Saints are also powerful and skilled fighters, making them exciting to watch in battle.

In addition to the Gold Saints, there are also other characters in Episode G, including Athena Kido Saori, Lynx Retsu, and Triangle Noesis.
The antagonists in Episode G are based on Greek and Egyptian mythology and appear in the Saint Seiya franchise for the first time in this manga. It’s a must watch!

More warriors join in the fight in Saint Seiya Episode G. To win, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Click here to check the strongest Gold Saints.


As in the original manga, the story’s a mix of mythology and fantasy! Ancient gods and mortal heroes clash in this magical world.

The epic tale of ‘Saint Seiya Episode G’ mesmerizes viewers with captivating plot twists! It follows a group of brave Gold Saints on their mission to protect Earth from evil. Friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery are explored in intricate detail. Characters battle their inner demons and face personal challenges. Plot surprises keep viewers guessing.

Fight scenes are dynamic and fast-paced. Character designs and backgrounds are detailed and exquisite.

Whether a long-time fan or new to the franchise, ‘Saint Seiya Episode G’ is a must-read! It’s packed with action, emotion, and epic battles. Don’t miss this exhilarating adventure! Click here to read more about the Asgar Saga.


‘Saint Seiya Episode G’ offers an enthralling experience. Its storyline, animation, and character development all contribute to its excellence.

It is worth noting how it blends action and storytelling. This creates an immersive narrative that appeals to all. It merges these elements seamlessly, standing out in its genre. We get a closer look in the Gold Saints (many of whom are fan favorites).

It originated as a manga series by Masami Kurumada. Published in 2003, it served as an extension of the original ‘Saint Seiya’ franchise. Fans were captivated by its new characters. It was later adapted into an animated series.

And if you want to keep watching more anime related to Saint Seiya, you might want to see Saint Seiya Omega (click here for a complete review of the series).

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