Is Saint Seiya Popular in Portugal?

The story’s blend of mythology, action, and character development resonated with audiences, contributing to its fame in Portugal.

Saint Seiya, also known as “Knights of the Zodiac,” is very popular in Portugal. The anime and manga series created by Masami Kurumada has found a significant fanbase in the country. It was introduced to Portuguese audiences through television broadcasts and manga publications, allowing it to establish a presence in the pop culture scene.

The characters’ distinctive armor designs, engaging battles, and overarching themes of honor and friendship have made Saint Seiya a recognizable and beloved series among fans in Portugal.

Its impact on the country’s anime and manga community showcases its cultural influence. It is also loved in countries like Brazil.

Saint Seiya TV Broadcast in Portugal

The epic battles of the Bronze Saints, their intricate armor, and the fusion of Greek mythology with modern storytelling resonated strongly in Portugal.

Saint Seiya, known as “Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco” in Portuguese, made its first broadcast in Portugal in the early 1990s. The anime series debuted on television, capturing the imagination of Portuguese viewers. It was a pioneering moment for anime in the country, introducing a new and captivating style of animation to the audience.

This marked the beginning of Saint Seiya’s popularity in Portugal, sparking a fanbase that embraced the series’ action-packed narrative and themes of friendship and courage. The anime is very popular in countries like France too.

The show’s impact extended beyond the screen, influencing merchandise, comics, and cultural references. The first broadcast of Saint Seiya in Portugal is a milestone that contributed to the lasting legacy of the series within the country’s pop culture landscape.

Saint Seiya current popularity in Portugal

The enduring popularity of the shows evident through various platforms, such as streaming services, where the series is accessible to both longtime enthusiasts and new viewers.

Saint Seiya, or “Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco” in Portuguese, has maintained a significant level of fame in Portugal. The anime series continues to resonate with multiple generations of fans. 

The characters’ iconic armor designs, mythological references, and themes of loyalty and valor have left a lasting imprint on Portuguese pop culture.

Collectibles, merchandise, and conventions dedicated to the series highlight its continued influence. Additionally, fan communities and online discussions contribute to keeping the Saint Seiya spirit alive. In Spain, the show is also huge and beloved.

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