Who is the Most Loyal Saint to Athena?

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Shura is considered to be the Saint most faithful to Athena due to several reasons.

Shura is considered Athena’s most loyal saint, a trait showcased in his confrontation with Dragon Shiryu. Even under orders from Saga, he proudly considers himself her most devoted saint. His character draws inspiration from the loyal god Pan, which was faithful to Athena. Due to his faithfulness, Shura was granted the Excalibur sword by Athena in a past era, which grants him the formidable Excalibur move.

Shura is known for his unwavering loyalty to Athena, which is mentioned in the fight with Dragon Shiryu. Even when he is ordered to follow Saga’s will, Shura remains loyal to Athena at heart. He prides himself on being the most loyal soldier of Athena.

Shura’s character is based on the Capricorn constellation, which is associated with the god Pan in Greek mythology. Pan was a loyal follower of Athena and helped her in several battles.

As a result of his fidelity, the Capricorn gold saint received received the Excalibur, a powerful sword, by the hands of Athena in a previous generation. Because of this, Shura has the powerful move called Excalibur.

Overall, Shura’s character is known for his dedication and loyalty to Athena, which is why he is considered to be the Saint most faithful to her.

Who Is The More Faithful Saint?

Shura stands out as Athena’s most loyal saint, evident in his unwavering commitment during his clash with Dragon Shiryu, even when Saga issues orders.

He draws inspiration from Athena’s devoted follower, Pan, and was rewarded with the Excalibur sword, bestowing him with the formidable Excalibur move.

Shura’s character, rooted in the Capricorn constellation and Greek mythology, reflects his allegiance to Athena. This loyalty defines him as the epitome of an Athena saint.

Aiolos x Shura: treason?

The battle between Aiolos and Shura in the anime and manga series “Saint Seiya” is an iconic and intense confrontation that is shown during the Sanctuary Arc.

Saga tried to kill baby Athena, but Aiolos was able to save her at the last moment. Saga lies and says that Aiolos tried to kill Athena and left with a fake Athena baby. Shura is sent to kill his former comrade.

Aiolos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint, confronts Shura, the Capricorn Gold Saint. Aiolos is a noble and virtuous Saint, renowned for his incredible speed and power. Shura, on the other hand, is a formidable warrior known for his relentless determination and skill.

The battle is a clash of ideals, with Aiolos representing justice and honor, while Shura embodies the ruthless adherence to duty. Click here to know who is the strongest gold saint.

Aiolos ultimately loses and falls off a cliff, leaving Shura thinking that he has died. He spares baby Athena and goes away, but Aiolos survived and was able to rescue Athena and bring her to Mitsumasa Kido. 

Did Shura betray Athena?

In the Saint Seiya series, Shura was initially depicted as a loyal and honorable Gold Saint who served Athena.

Shura did not betray Athena intentionally. Shura’s perception of Athena’s true intentions was clouded by the manipulations of the evil Pope Ares (also known as Saga). He, like many other Gold Saints, believed in their mission to protect the goddess and the Sanctuary.

The truth was that Pope Arles was an imposter, and he had posed as the kind and just Athena while secretly plotting to take over the world. Click here to know who is the Pope in Saint Seiya.

Aiolos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint, discovered the deception and attempted to save the real Athena from the clutches of the imposter. Shura, unaware of this deceit, followed his duty and clashed with Aiolos.

In essence, Shura’s actions were driven by his dedication to Athena, and he had no knowledge of the evil Pope’s true identity. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to characterize Shura’s involvement as a betrayal of Athena.

Who is more loyal to Athena: Shura or Aiolos?

The question of who is more faithful to Athena, Shura or Aiolos, depends on one’s perspective and interpretation of their actions.

From one perspective, Aiolos may be seen as more faithful to Athena, since he saved her. On the other hand, Shura’s loyalty to Athena was steadfast as well, as he faithfully served the goddess under the impression that the Pope was genuine.

From one perspective, Aiolos may be seen as more faithful to Athena. He discovered the deception of the evil Pope Arles, risking his life to protect the true Athena, demonstrating unwavering loyalty to the goddess’s true cause.

Aiolos was willing to defy orders and even battle his fellow Gold Saints to ensure her safety, showcasing the depth of his devotion.

On the other hand, Shura’s loyalty to Athena was steadfast as well, as he faithfully served the goddess under the impression that the Pope was genuine. His actions were driven by his commitment to his duty and belief in the Sanctuary’s mission to protect Athena.

Shura’s unwavering allegiance to what he believed to be Athena’s cause can also be viewed as a form of faithfulness.

Ultimately, the comparison between Shura and Aiolos’ faithfulness to Athena depends on whether one values Aiolos’ independent discernment and sacrifice or Shura’s unquestioning dedication to his duty as a Gold Saint more highly.

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