Who Lost an Ear in Saint Seiya?

Delve into the epic battle for the Pegasus Cloth in Saint Seiya, where Seiya’s fateful move resulted in Cassios losing an ear, sparking an enduring rivalry. Discover the backstory and consequences of this iconic moment.

The climactic duel for the Pegasus Cloth serves as a pivotal moment within the Saint Seiya narrative. During this intense encounter, Seiya, the heroic Bronze Saint of the Pegasus constellation, finds himself facing off against Cassios, another young and aspiring Bronze Saint.

This battle, which took place at the very beginning of the series, proved to be a turning point for both characters and laid the foundation for a deep-seated rivalry. As the battle reached its zenith, Seiya executed a daring maneuver that forever changed the course of their rivalry – he cut off one of Cassios’ ears.

This audacious act of combat prowess not only showcased Seiya’s skills but also highlighted the high stakes of the battles within the Saint Seiya universe. The loss of an ear became a symbol of the sacrifices and consequences that come with the pursuit of power and victory.

Seiya and Cassios Rivalry

Cassios’ loss of an ear at the hands of Seiya marked the inception of a bitter rivalry between the two Bronze Saints. The physical and emotional scars left behind from this battle festered within Cassios, fueling a deep-seated hatred towards Seiya.

This enmity set the stage for future clashes, adding layers of complexity to their interactions and intensifying the overarching conflict within the series.

The ramifications of the ear-lopping incident reverberated throughout the Saint Seiya storyline. Cassios was able to help Seiya in the end by sacrificing himself to awaken Aiolos.


In the vast realm of Saint Seiya, the battle for the Pegasus Cloth remains a memorable event etched into the hearts of fans. Seiya’s bold move, cutting off Cassios’ ear, not only elevated the intensity of the fight but also ignited a rivalry laden with emotions and consequences.

This pivotal moment and its aftermath serve as a testament to the depth of storytelling within the series, demonstrating how a single action can cascade into a myriad of interconnected events.

As the tale of Saint Seiya continues to captivate audiences, the legacy of this fateful encounter lives on, reminding us of the intricate web of relationships and conflicts that make the series an enduring masterpiece.

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