Aquarius Camus: 5 Facts+ All you Need to Know

In the enchanting world of “Saint Seiya,” Aquarius Camus stands as a beloved and iconic character.

Discover the intriguing facets of this enigmatic Gold Saint, from his unique abilities to the philosophical depth of his character.

Join us on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding Aquarius Camus!

1. Camus’ Name Inspiration

The name Camus, associated with the Aquarius Gold Saint in the anime and manga series “Saint Seiya,” is a clear nod to the renowned French-Algerian philosopher and writer, Albert Camus.

This choice is not coincidental but rather a deliberate homage by the series creator, Masami Kurumada, to the influential literary figure.

Albert Camus was known for his existentialist philosophy, exploring themes of absurdity and the human condition, which resonates with the profound and introspective nature of the Gold Saints in “Saint Seiya.”

The character of Camus, much like the philosopher, embodies elements of introspection and a deeper contemplation of life’s mysteries.

This subtle reference serves to add an intellectual layer to the character and underscores the series’ engagement with complex philosophical and literary themes, enriching the narrative in the process.

2. Camus: Inspired by the Crystal Saint

In the world of manga and anime, it’s common for a manga to serve as the source material for an anime adaptation.

However, there are instances where the anime inspires and introduces a character before they appear in the original manga, and Camus’s creation in “Saint Seiya” is a rare and notable case of this reverse influence.

In the “Saint Seiya” franchise, Crystal Saint, a character with ice-based powers, made his appearance in the anime before the manga.

His introduction as an early character in the anime laid the foundation for the concept of ice-based powers within the series.

It was only after the anime’s success and the establishment of the character Crystal Saint that the manga creator, Masami Kurumada, decided to create a new character, Camus, who would also have ice-based abilities and appear in the manga.

Camus, with his strong connection to Hyoga and his role as a Gold Saint, became a pivotal character in the “Saint Seiya” saga, despite being introduced after Crystal Saint.

This unique case demonstrates how the anime adaptation influenced the original manga, showcasing the dynamic and collaborative relationship between different mediums in the world of entertainment.

3. Camus Biography: Duty x Personal Beliefs

Camus, the Aquarius Gold Saint in the iconic anime and manga series “Saint Seiya,” is a character known for his unwavering loyalty, formidable strength, and deep philosophical introspection.

He is one of the twelve Gold Saints, and his distinctive powers are associated with controlling ice and cold. Camus is a complex figure who adheres strongly to his beliefs and ideals.

What sets Camus apart is his ability to balance his unwavering dedication to the goddess Athena with his profound philosophical musings.

Much like the character’s namesake, Albert Camus, he grapples with existential questions and the nature of duty and destiny. His calm and collected demeanor often masks a passionate and noble heart, making him a compelling and multi-dimensional character.

Throughout the series, Camus’s character arc is marked by self-discovery and the clash between duty and personal beliefs, while is divided between teaching his pupil Hyoga and protect Pope Ares (which he believes is Athena’s true protector).

4. Camus and Hyoga

In the world of “Saint Seiya,” the relationship between Camus and Hyoga is a central and compelling element of the story. While the specific details may vary between the anime and manga adaptations, their bond remains a significant and emotional aspect of the narrative.

In the anime, Camus serves as the master of Crystal Saint, who, in turn, becomes Hyoga’s mentor. Crystal Saint, with Camus as his teacher, trains Hyoga in the ways of the Cygnus Bronze Saint.

This indirect mentorship is a testament to the impact Camus has on Hyoga’s growth as a warrior. Camus’s wisdom and influence extend not only to his direct pupil but also to the wider constellation of Cygnus Saints.

In the manga, the relationship is even more profound, with Camus directly serving as Hyoga’s master.

This closer bond underscores the depth of their connection, as Camus imparts not only combat techniques but also philosophical wisdom, making Hyoga’s journey as a Saint even more intertwined with his master’s teachings.

No matter the adaptation, the relationship between Camus and Hyoga adds layers of complexity and emotion to the “Saint Seiya” storyline, showcasing the mentor-disciple dynamic as a vital component of character development and plot progression.

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5. Camus’ death agaisnt Hyoga

In the “Saint Seiya” series, Camus’s death plays a crucial role in helping Hyoga, the Cygnus Bronze Saint, attain the Seventh Sense.

The Seventh Sense is a profound and advanced level of power and consciousness that allows the Saints to transcend their physical limits and reach new heights of strength.

Camus, as both Hyoga’s master and mentor, recognized the potential within his disciple. He understood that for Hyoga to unlock the Seventh Sense, he needed to undergo a transformative and life-threatening experience.

Therefore, Camus chose to sacrifice himself during a fierce battle with the powerful Hyoga. This act of self-sacrifice not only demonstrated Camus’s unwavering commitment to the ideals of the Sanctuary but also pushed Hyoga to the brink.

The emotional weight of Camus’s sacrifice and the profound loss drove Hyoga to tap into the Seventh Sense, reaching new levels of power and understanding.

It was through the pain and inspiration of his master’s sacrifice that Hyoga was able to break through his own limitations and become an even more formidable and determined Saint.

Camus’s death serves as a pivotal moment in Sanctuary Saga, highlighting the depth of mentorship and sacrifice that characterizes the “Saint Seiya” universe.


Who Killed Camus in Saint Seiya?

In “Saint Seiya,” Camus is indeed killed by Hyoga, who achieves the 7th sense, a heightened level of consciousness and power, during their battle. This significant development showcases Hyoga’s growth as a character and his determination to protect his friends.

Is Camus the Crystal Saint Master?

Camus is the master of the Crystal Saint in “Saint Seiya.” As the Crystal Saint’s mentor, Camus teaches him about combat and the cosmos.

Is Camus Hyoga’s Master?

In the “Saint Seiya” manga, Camus is the master of Hyoga, guiding his training as the Cygnus Bronze Saint. However, in the anime adaptation, Camus serves as the mentor to Crystal Saint, who takes on a similar role as Hyoga’s master. This difference exists between the two versions of the story.

Is Camus strong?

Camus, a formidable character in “Saint Seiya,” possesses immense strength, and he demonstrates his mastery of the 7th sense, a higher level of power and awareness, which sets him apart as one of the elite Gold Saints in the series.

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