What is the 7th Sense in Saint Seiya?

Journey through a cosmos where miracles become reality, as we explore the origins, abilities, and profound significance of this mystical attribute.

In the Saint Seiya universe, the seventh sense, known as Miraculosity, is a rare and potent attribute that grants access to the essence of one’s cosmo. Often referred to as the “true” cosmoenergy, it defies conventional limitations, enabling feats deemed impossible and termed as miracles within the series.

This extraordinary sense sets apart the gold saints from other cosmo users, conferring power that transcends natural laws.

Miracles achieved through this sense include moving at the speed of light, manipulating heat to reach absolute zero, and creating spacetime rifts.

Even against immensely powerful beings, mortals can stand as equals, if only momentarily, by invoking the seventh sense. It can replace previous senses and can only be taken away by formidable entities like Virgo Asmita and Athena.

In ancient times, all humans possessed the seventh sense, but it was forgotten as civilization developed and gods ascended. Click here to know more about the 6th Sense.

The concept draws from Buddhist doctrine, akin to the seventh consciousness, Shichishiki. Miraculosity remains subtle within Earth’s life sources, reflecting its enduring presence despite fading into obscurity.

In the cinematic rendition “Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary,” it’s referred to as the “power of the gods.”

Relation between the 7th Sense and Cosmo

Within the Saint Seiya mythos, the seventh sense, named Miraculosity, shares an intricate symbiosis with cosmoenergy.

The 7th Sense provides a profound link to the very essence of one’s cosmo. It represents the purest form of cosmoenergy, allowing its wielder to manifest remarkable phenomena, often labeled as miracles.

These miracles encompass actions that defy natural laws and limitations, such as achieving light-speed movement, manipulating heat to reach absolute zero, and manipulating spacetime.

Miraculosity stands as an elevated manifestation of the cosmo, a power that separates gold saints from their counterparts. To deepen your knowledge about Cosmo in Saint Seiya, click here.

It grants temporary equality even against godlike entities, exemplifying the potency of the seventh sense. Notably, it supersedes and can replace previous senses. Only exceptionally powerful beings possess the capability to strip this sense from an individual.

Originating from an ancient era when humans universally possessed it, Miraculosity’s connection to the cosmo is profound and enduring.

Its legacy endures through subtle echoes in Earth’s life force, underscoring its deep-rooted integration with cosmoenergy throughout the Saint Seiya narrative.

7th Sense Abilities

In the realm of Saint Seiya, the seventh sense, Miraculosity, bestows an array of extraordinary abilities that transcend the boundaries of conventional cosmoenergy.

The 7th sense grants access to the essence of true cosmoenergy, enabling the performance of seemingly miraculous feats. Among these remarkable abilities are the capacity to move at light-speed, manipulate heat to reach absolute zero, and create disruptions in spacetime. These actions, termed as miracles within the series, highlight the seventh sense’s unique power.

Miraculosity stands as the pinnacle of cosmoenergy, elevating its user to a level that distinguishes gold saints from other cosmo users. Its influence allows individuals to momentarily stand on equal footing even against immensely powerful beings.

The seventh sense can replace and exceed the abilities of preceding senses. However, only individuals of formidable strength, such as Virgo Asmita and Athena, can strip this sense from its possessor. Click here to know more about the 8th sense in Saint Seiya.

Ultimately, the seventh sense’s abilities represent the zenith of cosmo manipulation, demonstrating its profound impact on the battles and narrative of the Saint Seiya universe. To know about the 9th sense, the ultimate power, click here.

Buddhist Origins of the 7th Sense

It is needed to allude to the origin and essence of the seventh sense, Miraculosity, within the context of Saint Seiya. 

The 7th sense concept finds inspiration in Buddhist philosophy, specifically the seventh consciousness known as Shichishiki. This draws parallels between the show’s mystical power and the deep spiritual ideas of Buddhism. Miraculosity, though diminished over time, still lingers subtly within Earth’s life force.

This suggests that even as it faded from the collective knowledge of humanity, its influence endures in a subdued form, intricately woven into the very fabric of existence.

This dual nature – rooted in ancient teachings while persisting in a diminished state – highlights the profound and lasting impact of the seventh sense, even as it remains hidden from common understanding. To know more about Buddhism references in the Saint Seiya show, click here.

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