What is the 8th Sense in Saint Seiya?

In the Saint Seiya universe, the 8th sense is known as “Arayashiki.” This unique sense is associated with the realm of the dead and encompasses various aspects.

The 8th Sense allows deceased individuals in the underworld to perform basic tasks, experience pain, and endure suffering. It holds a connection to reincarnation, the consciousness of the deceased, and the initial stages of godly existence, often labeling those near it as “close to the gods.”

Generally awakened only after death, the 8th sense doesn’t maintain human consciousness in soul form. However, some attain it while alive, enabling them to retain awareness upon entering the underworld.

This activation can be replicated through specific items and blessings like Hades’ blessing, Sasha’s flower bracelets, and Athena’s Sword. The 8th sense augments Cosmoenergy reserves, as seen with Sagittarius Sisyphus.

Virgo Asmita uniquely removes this sense, demonstrated by disabling Atavaka’s reincarnation. The Mokurenji, residing within the underworld, seals specter souls.

Rarely, living souls maintain consciousness after death, often tied to an innate potential related to this sense, aligning with the Virgo Saints’ connection to Buddha’s reincarnation. To know more about the 6th sense, click here.

Relation between the 8th Sense and Cosmo

The 8th sense in Saint Seiya is intricately linked to the concept of “Cosmo,” the inner life force and energy possessed by all living beings.

The 8th sense, also known as Arayashiki, enhances the manipulation and control of Cosmoenergy. This sense allows individuals to tap into deeper and more profound levels of their Cosmo, granting them increased power, heightened awareness, and the ability to transcend their physical limitations.

Those who master the 8th sense can access immense reserves of Cosmoenergy, enabling them to perform extraordinary feats of strength and skill. To know about Cosmo and its details, click here.

The relationship between the 8th sense and Cosmo is symbiotic. Activating the 8th sense augments an individual’s connection to their inner Cosmo, while a strong and well-honed Cosmo is a prerequisite for awakening the 8th sense.

Characters who achieve mastery of both their Cosmo and the 8th sense attain a level of power that propels them beyond ordinary boundaries, allowing them to face even the most formidable opponents in the Saint Seiya universe.

8th Sense Abilities

The 8th sense in Saint Seiya bestows individuals with a range of extraordinary abilities that surpass the limitations of the six traditional senses.

Those who harness the 8th sense gain access to heightened awareness, allowing them to perceive and comprehend things beyond normal human capacity. They possess enhanced physical capabilities, including increased strength, speed, and resilience.

Moreover, the 8th sense enables users to tap into profound levels of Cosmoenergy, granting them the power to execute devastating and intricate techniques, often on a cosmic scale.

This sense also facilitates a connection to the divine realm, granting users insights into the mysteries of life, death, and the universe. Click here to know more about the 7th sense in the anime.

Masters of the 8th sense can defy conventional boundaries, exhibiting incredible feats like crossing dimensions, surviving in inhospitable environments, and confronting god-like adversaries. They can even maintain their consciousness in the realm of the dead.

The 8th sense acts as a bridge between the mortal and divine, enabling individuals to achieve godly feats and face existential challenges that transcend the capabilities of ordinary humans and even other Saints.

Buddhism concepts in the 8th Sense

The relation between the 8th sense in Saint Seiya and Buddhism is an intriguing parallel that draws inspiration from Buddhist concepts.

In Buddhism, attaining enlightenment and transcending the cycle of rebirth are central goals. Similarly, the 8th sense, known as Arayashiki, is closely tied to reincarnation and a state of existence beyond conventional life and death.

The connection is most evident in the series’ portrayal of the Virgo Saints as incarnations of Buddha himself.

This aligns with Buddhist teachings about the potential for individuals to realize their inherent divinity and attain spiritual enlightenment.

The 8th sense’s rarity, ability to keep consciousness after death, and unique powers mirror the concept of reaching higher states of awareness in Buddhism. To know the buddhist references in Saint Seiya, click here.

In essence, the 8th sense reflects a fusion of Buddhist philosophy and the fantastical world of Saint Seiya. It encapsulates the aspiration to transcend ordinary existence, echoing the spiritual journey of enlightenment that lies at the heart of Buddhist belief.

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