What is the 9th Sense in Saint Seiya?

Delving into the captivating world of Saint Seiya, a universe steeped in mysticism and cosmic power, one encounters a concept that stands at the pinnacle of divine abilities: the enigmatic ninth sense.

The ninth sense, referred to as Godhood or divinity, represents the pinnacle of virtue that distinguishes gods from lesser beings. This sense is awakened through profound enlightenment, a rarity after the mythical era.

In ancient times when humanity wielded miraculous power, some attained the ninth sense, transforming into the deities known today—though perhaps exceptions like Chaos and Chronos.

Most modern mortals, however, struggle to approach godly power, typically requiring unique circumstances or abilities.

These might be acquired, as in Virgo Shaka’s training or the Bronze saints’ God cloths baptized in Athena’s blood, or inherited through genes like Kairos’ presence in Pegasus Tenma’s body.

The Cosmoenergy of a god yields miraculous effects, defying and surpassing physical laws. Click here to read about the 6th sense.

For instance, Poseidon halted and redirected Cygnus Hyoga’s enhanced blast, contradicting the principle of energy conservation. As Poseidon’s Cosmo awakened, it expanded rapidly, subsuming his Underwater Sanctuary.

His influence even bent the Sagittarius Cloth’s arrow to his will, underlining the extraordinary nature of the ninth sense’s power.

Relation between the 9th Sense and Cosmo

Cosmo and the ninth sense are intertwined concepts within the realm of divine power.

Cosmo refers to the inner life force and energy that exists within all living beings, particularly prominent in the Saint Seiya universe. The ninth sense, on the other hand, signifies the pinnacle of enlightenment and virtue that sets gods apart from mortals.

The ninth sense is awakened by reaching a state of profound understanding and insight, allowing one to tap into the full potential of their Cosmo.

It represents a connection to the divine, granting god-like abilities and defying physical laws. The Cosmo serves as the conduit for channeling this ninth sense power, allowing individuals to perform extraordinary feats and transcend their limitations.

In essence, the ninth sense harnesses the heightened Cosmo energy, enabling individuals to break free from conventional boundaries and attain godhood, exemplifying the inseparable link between spiritual awareness and the manipulation of cosmic energy. Click here to know more about the 7th sense in the anime.

9th Sense Abilities

The abilities associated with the ninth sense are nothing short of extraordinary, granting individuals god-like powers.

Those who awaken this sense through profound enlightenment gain the ability to manipulate their Cosmo energy to an unparalleled extent. They can shatter the confines of physical laws, enabling feats that defy natural limitations.

This includes the ability to control and redirect energy and matter, as demonstrated by Poseidon’s redirection of an absolute zero-enhanced blast.

The ninth sense empowers individuals to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe, even bending powerful objects like the Sagittarius Cloth’s golden arrow to their will.

This level of mastery over Cosmo energy enables them to heal wounds, protect themselves from harm, and influence the world around them on a grand scale. To know more about the 8th sense, click here!

The ninth sense’s exceptional capabilities go beyond mortal comprehension, making those who possess it akin to gods, with the power to reshape reality itself.

Buddhism concepts in the 9th Sense

The concept of the ninth sense bears resemblance to certain aspects of Buddhism, particularly in its pursuit of enlightenment and spiritual transformation.

Buddhism emphasizes reaching a state of enlightenment through deep understanding and detachment from worldly desires. Similarly, the ninth sense requires profound enlightenment and virtue to awaken, setting individuals apart as god-like beings.

Both Buddhism and the ninth sense entail transcending ordinary limitations and achieving a higher state of existence.

The connection between inner spirituality and external power is also evident in both. Buddhism’s meditation and self-discovery practices parallel the necessity of unlocking one’s full potential through the ninth sense’s manipulation of Cosmo energy.

However, while Buddhism typically seeks liberation from the cycle of rebirth, the ninth sense aims at godhood. Click here to check the buddhism references in Saint Seiya.

Despite differences, parallels exist, illustrating how various belief systems explore the boundaries of human potential and the quest for spiritual ascension.

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