Dragon Shiryu: 7 Facts + All you Need to Know

Get ready to uncover the mysteries of Dragon Shiryu in our article. Whether you’re a die-hard “Saint Seiya” fan or just getting to know this iconic character, we’ve gathered key details to deepen your understanding.

From his heroic deeds to the secrets behind his Dragon Cloth, we’ll explore the essence of Shiryu’s character.

Join us on an informative journey as we reveal seven fascinating facts about Dragon Shiryu that every enthusiast should know!

1. Who Does Shiryu Always Takes His Armor Off?

The question “Who does Shiryu always take his armor off?” has turned into a funny internet joke among Saint Seiya fans. It’s because Shiryu, this character who usually wears the strong Dragon Cloth armor, has a habit of getting rid of it a lot during fights.

People find it amusing and talk about why Shiryu keeps doing this. One big moment is in the Poseidon Saga when he talks to Krishna. Shiryu says he doesn’t want to rely too much on his Dragon Cloth’s power. This means he wants to be strong on his own, without depending too much on his armor.

Besides the jokes, Shiryu taking off his armor in different fights is like a symbol. It shows he’s serious about growing personally and becoming stronger from the inside. Instead of depending only on his armor, he wants to use his own abilities.

This happens a lot in Saint Seiya, and it adds an interesting layer to Shiryu’s character and the overall story. Click here to know the top 5 Shiryu fights in Saint Seiya.

2. Why Is Shiryu Blind In Hades?

Shiryu’s blindness becomes a part of his journey, teaching him important lessons about himself. It’s a powerful example of how someone can overcome challenges and grow.

In the Hades Saga of “Saint Seiya,” Shiryu becomes blind due to the effects of Krishna’s technique used in the previous Poseidon Saga. In that earlier arc, Krishna, a powerful adversary, unleashed a technique on Shiryu that ultimately led to his blindness.

Before this, in a different encounter during the Poseidon Saga, Shiryu had intentionally blinded himself while facing the Medusa Silver Saint.

However, he later undertakes a perilous journey to the Underworld, battling the Deathmask, one of the Gold Saints guarding the entrance to Hell. Through this intense confrontation, Shiryu manages to recover his eyesight.

3. Does Shiryu Stay Blind?

Shiryu goes blind only once in both the manga and anime versions of “Saint Seiya.” But there’s a difference between them. In the anime, he somehow gets his sight back by reaching the 7th sense during the Sanctuary battle. Although he has trouble seeing in some fights, like against Fenrir and Krisaor, he doesn’t stay permanently blind.

Now, in the manga, Shiryu stays blind, but he can see perfectly when he boosts his energy (cosmos). Even though he can’t see all the time, when he uses his cosmic power, he can see clearly. Check a review for the Saint Seiya Next Dimension manga.

4. Shiryu is Inspired by Chinese Mythology

Shiryu’s character in “Saint Seiya” gains depth through its connection with the dragon, introducing cultural significance beyond the series’ main focus on Greek mythology.

As a significant Bronze Saint, Shiryu is associated with the Dragon Constellation, drawing inspiration from the revered Chinese dragon of Chinese mythology. This link reflects the majestic and potent qualities attributed to the Chinese dragon.

The incorporation of the Chinese dragon motif in Shiryu’s character pays respect to the diverse mythologies entwined in “Saint Seiya.”

By blending elements from both Greek and Chinese mythologies, the series creates a rich narrative that weaves together global legends and symbolism. Check all of the chinese mythology references in Saint Seiya.

5. Shiryu is fan’s Favorite Bronze Saint

He’s many fans favorite, and here’s why:

In a lot of surveys, fans really like Shiryu, and he often comes out on top as the favorite Bronze Saint. People love Shiryu because he’s strong, honorable, and has a cool backstory. His Dragon Cloth armor is also a big hit.

Another popular Bronze Saint is Phoenix Ikki. He’s liked for being tough and independent, and his powers as the Phoenix Saint are pretty awesome. Click here to see a strenght comparison between all of the main characters in Saint Seiya.

These surveys show that Shiryu and Phoenix Ikki are super popular among “Saint Seiya” fans. It proves that these characters have left a lasting impression on the people who watch and read “Saint Seiya,” making them some of the most loved Bronze Saints in the series.

6. Shiryu and Shunrei: Married?

Among the five main bronze saints, Shiryu’s romantic life is quite clear.

In the first Saint Seiya series, Dragon Shiryu doesn’t have a wife, but he’s romantically involved with Shunrei. In the official manga sequel, things change as Shiryu and Shunrei adopt a baby named Shoryu. In the Saint Seiya Omega series, Shiryu goes back to Lushan, gets married to Shunrei, and becomes a dad to a boy named Ryuho.

Shiryu character in Saint Seiya grows a lot. In the beginning, he doesn’t have a romantic relationship, but in the sequel, he becomes a husband and dad. Click here to know more about the realtionship between Shunrei and Shiryu.

This shows that even strong fighters like Shiryu can find love and manage their family responsibilities. His journey from fighting alone to being part of a family makes him more relatable and adds depth to his character.

7. It probably Inspired a One PIece Character

Shuryu is such a famous character that he might have been an inspiration for One Piece, the best-selling manga of all time.

The character Shiryu in One Piece, known as Shiryu of the Rain, might have been named after Shiryu from Saint Seiya based on similarities in their roles and characteristics. In One Piece, Shiryu is identified as one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates, serving as the captain of the Second Ship.

Originally introduced as the ex-Head Jailer of Impel Down, Shiryu’s dark history involves being imprisoned on Level 6 death row for extreme violence against prisoners.

The connection with Shiryu from Saint Seiya becomes more apparent when considering the character’s pivotal role. In the Impel Down Arc and Marineford Arc, Shiryu plays a significant part as a supporting antagonist.

The similarities in the names and the roles of these characters suggest that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, might have drawn inspiration from Shiryu in Saint Seiya when crafting the character Shiryu of the Rain in the One Piece series. Check 10 anime recommendations for every Saint Seiya fan.

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