Is Mitsumasa Kido the Father of Saints?

Examining the differences between manga and anime, it raises the question: Is Mitsumasa Kido truly the Father of the bronze saints?

In the manga series “Saint Seiya,” Mitsumasa Kido is the father of the Bronze Saints, a group of young warriors that protects Athena from many threats. However, it is not the case in the anime adaptation: only Shun and Ikki are brothers. 

In the manga “Saint Seiya,” Mitsumasa Kido assumes the pivotal role of father to the Bronze Saints, a collective of youthful defenders safeguarding Athena against diverse perils.

Contrarily, the anime adaptation diverges from this familial dynamic, depicting solely Shun and Ikki as siblings.

This distinctive narrative choice alters the underlying connections between characters, emphasizing Kido’s paternity in the manga while reserving a more selective association in the anime. Click here to see all of the differences between the Saint Seiya anime and manga.

Are the Bronze Saints Brothers?

In the manga series “Saint Seiya,” Mitsumasa Kido is portrayed as the father of all the Bronze Saints, creating a familial bond among them. However, in the anime adaptation, only Shun and Ikki are depicted as brothers. Therefore, in the manga, the Bronze Saints are presented as having a brotherly connection, while the anime modifies this familial dynamic.

Is Mitsumasa Kido the Father of Saints in the Anime?

In the anime version of Saint Seiya, the whole “Kido as their father” angle isn’t in play, giving the story a different dynamic altogether.

In the Saint Seiya anime, the Bronze Saints aren’t actually Mitsumasa Kido’s kids. Unlike the manga, which clearly states he’s their father, the anime doesn’t go this route. Instead, it focuses on them being a group of warriors trained by Kido to protect Athena.

In the anime, only Shun and Ikki are depicted as brothers, while the rest don’t share a familial tie with Kido. This tweak changes their relationships, making them more like comrades rather than family. Click here to see who’s the strongest character in Saint Seiya.

Is Mitsumasa Kido the Father of Saints in the Manga?

This unique dynamic is a key feature of the manga and sets it apart from the anime adaptation, where this fatherly relationship isn’t as prominent.

In the manga version of “Saint Seiya,” Mitsumasa Kido is indeed the Father of Saints. He’s not just a mentor but also the biological father of the Bronze Saints. Kido’s journey to protect his granddaughter, Saori (Athena), leads him to have 100 sons. However, only 10 of them survive.

This twist adds a family connection between them. Kido’s poor role as a father figure shapes the Bronze Saints’ development, training, and mission to protect Saori. Click here to see if the manga is good.

Is Mitsumasa Kido the Father of the Gold Saints?

The Gold Saints have their own unique backgrounds and stories, separate from Kido’s role. 

Just to clear things up, in the “Saint Seiya” series, Mitsumasa Kido isn’t the father of the Gold Saints. While he’s connected to the Bronze Saints as their father in the manga, this doesn’t extend to the Gold Saints in any version.

So, when it comes to the Gold Saints, their origins and parentage are different from those of the Bronze Saints. This distinction adds layers to the characters and the overall plot of the series. See here who’s the strongest gold saint.

Is Mitsumasa Kido the Father of the Silver Saints?

The Silver Saints, like the Gold Saints, have their own distinct backgrounds, origins, and connections. 

In the “Saint Seiya” series, Mitsumasa Kido isn’t portrayed as the father of the Silver Saints. While he’s associated with the Bronze Saints as their fatherly figure in the manga, this relationship doesn’t extend to the Silver Saints in any version of the story.

Kido’s role is mainly tied to the Bronze Saints, as their mentor and biological father in the manga. Check here a complete list of the 88 saints.

This differentiation showcases the diverse cast of characters within the “Saint Seiya” universe and highlights the intricate web of relationships that contribute to the overall complexity of the narrative.

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