Is Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas Canon?

“Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas” is a spin-off manga series written and illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi, which serves as a prequel to the original “Saint Seiya” manga.

In terms of canon, The Lost Canvas, is not directly part of the main continuity established by Masami Kurumada’s work. While it offers a different interpretation of the events leading up to the original series, it exists within its own narrative and is a separate story from the main “Saint Seiya” storyline. 

However, it has gained popularity among fans and has been acknowledged by the franchise as a legitimate adaptation, even though it doesn’t impact the events of the main series.

The series has garnered a dedicated following and expanded the lore of the “Saint Seiya” universe, even leading to adaptations in other media like anime and OVAs.

Ultimately, while “The Lost Canvas” may not be considered canon in the strictest sense, it has contributed to the broader appreciation and enjoyment of the “Saint Seiya” franchise by offering an alternative storyline with its own unique charm. Click here to see what comes after Lost Canvas.

Lost Canvas and Next Dimension Creation

“Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas” and “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension” were both conceived as companion projects.

During their initial development, “The Lost Canvas” and “Next Dimension” were presented as interconnected narratives that explored the  “Saint Seiya” universe. However, over time, the two series diverged in terms of their storytelling. “The Lost Canvas” retained its status as an alternate take on the past, while “Next Dimension” continued the original storyline.

Initially, “The Lost Canvas” and “Next Dimension” were intended to be part of the same canon, with “The Lost Canvas” serving as a prequel exploring the past and “Next Dimension” continuing the main storyline.

Despite this separation, both series have contributed to the expansion of the “Saint Seiya” mythos and remain valued parts of the franchise for fans. Click here to read a review about the Lost Canvas manga.

Why Lost Canvas isn’t canon?

“Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas” is not considered canon within the original “Saint Seiya” continuity because it was created by a different author, Shiori Teshirogi, as a spin-off.

While initially intended to be a canonical prequel, it eventually diverged from the established storyline crafted by Masami Kurumada in the main “Saint Seiya” manga and anime. The differences in character backgrounds, events, and interpretations set it apart as an alternative version of the story.

“The Lost Canvas” introduced new characters and altered established events, making it incompatible with the official canon.

Despite this, the series has gained its own following and contributed positively to the franchise by offering a fresh perspective and expanded lore while acknowledging its status as a parallel narrative. Click here to see all of the Saint Seiya series ranked from worst to best.

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