Saint Seiya Series Ranked: Worst to Best

Embarking on a cosmic odyssey, we delve into the vast universe of Saint Seiya, meticulously evaluating its multifaceted iterations.

From celestial battles to profound mythos, join us in this riveting journey as we rank the diverse series from worst to best. 

6. Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (2019)

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac finds itself in the lower ranks due to a confluence of factors that dampen its overall appeal.

This adaptation of the beloved original series struggles primarily with its execution, failing to capture the intricate character development and profound mythological undertones that characterized its source material.

The show’s pacing often feels rushed, sacrificing storytelling depth for rapid progression. Furthermore, the animation quality varies significantly, with inconsistent visuals that fail to do justice to the grandeur of the battles and cosmic themes.

The attempt to modernize the series sometimes leads to a disconnection from its nostalgic essence, alienating both new and old fans.

The alterations to character personalities and plot arcs can also be jarring to those who hold the original in high regard.

In essence, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac’s last-place position is attributed to its inability to authentically capture the spirit and magic that made the franchise a classic. Click here to read a full review.

5. Saint Seiya Omega (2012)

Saint Seiya Omega presents a new chapter within the legendary Saint Seiya universe, offering both familiar elements and fresh perspectives.

While it attempts to honor its predecessor’s legacy, this iteration falls short in certain aspects. The show introduces a new generation of Bronze Saints and maintains the essence of cosmic battles.

However, the character development and emotional depth often lack the nuance found in the original series.

The animation quality fluctuates, with some awe-inspiring sequences contrasting with less polished visuals. The narrative pacing can be inconsistent, occasionally rushing pivotal plot points.

Despite these drawbacks, Saint Seiya Omega captures the essence of camaraderie and heroic determination, ensuring that fans of the franchise can still find enjoyment in this revitalized journey through the cosmos. Check a review from Saint Seiya Omega here.

4. Saintia Sho (2018)

Saintia Sho offers a refreshing departure from the traditional Saint Seiya narrative by centering its focus on the Saintias, the female counterparts to the iconic Saints.

This unique perspective breathes new life into the universe, shedding light on the female warriors’ struggles and strengths.

The animation and art style maintain a consistent quality, capturing the elegance of the battles and the mystical aura. However, the pacing occasionally feels uneven, leading to abrupt shifts in tone.

While character development is present, it could be more profound to forge stronger emotional connections.

Saintia Sho’s innovative approach of female characters are commendable, making it an intriguing addition to the Saint Seiya saga. Though it may not eclipse the original series, it certainly carves its own niche within this celestial tapestry. Click here for a review of Saintia Sho.

3. Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015)

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold emerges as a shining testament to the enduring charm of the franchise. This spin-off series delves into the unexplored realm of the Gold Saints, offering a deeply satisfying experience for fans.

The animation is a visual marvel, capturing the grandeur of battles and the cosmic resonance. The narrative gracefully weaves together the past and present, delving into characters’ motivations and struggles.

The focus on character development enhances the emotional resonance, breathing new life into these iconic figures. The pacing strikes a harmonious balance, allowing each Saint’s journey to unfold naturally.

This series not only pays homage to the original but also expands the mythos, elevating its status in the Saint Seiya pantheon.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold stands as a shining constellation of storytelling, reminding us why this universe continues to captivate audiences worldwide. To read a full review of Soul of Gold, click here.

2. Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas (2009)

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas stands as a breathtaking gem within the Saint Seiya universe. This prequel enchants with its captivating narrative and exquisite animation.

Set in the previous Holy War, it offers an immersive dive into the mythology of the Gold Saints and their legendary battles. The animation captures the essence of their cosmic clashes, delivering visually stunning spectacles.

Character development is rich and profound, forging strong emotional connections between the audience and the warriors. The pacing is masterfully crafted, allowing for both intense action and poignant introspection.

With a compelling blend of mythology and personal journeys, The Lost Canvas enriches the Saint Seiya saga, showcasing the franchise’s enduring allure and creativity. It’s a radiant testament to the profound storytelling potential hidden within the constellations. Read a full review of the anime here.

1. Saint Seiya (1986)

Saint Seiya, the original series, remains an unparalleled masterpiece that has etched its place in anime history. With its entrancing blend of cosmic battles and mythological mystique, it has captivated generations.

The animation, though reflective of its era, exudes a certain charm, especially in depicting the dazzling combat sequences. The characters are iconic, their personalities and growth seamlessly interwoven with the epic narrative.

The Gold Saints’ battles are awe-inspiring, their clashes monumental and resonant. The pacing strikes a harmonious balance between intense action and deep character exploration.

The series’ profound exploration of friendship, honor, and sacrifice remains as resonant as ever. Saint Seiya’s legacy endures not merely as an anime but as a cultural phenomenon that continues to inspire and move audiences.

It rightfully claims its place as a perfect score within the pantheon of animation excellence. To know more about all of the saints from the anime, click here.

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