Is There Romance in Saint Seiya?

Since Saint Seiya is a shounen that focuses its plot in the saints’ fights. However, many wonder if there is room in Saint Seiya for romance.

In Saint Seiya, love relationships are not explicitly shown, but there are many hints of them happening throughout the series. Some of the most notable examples include Seiya and Shaina, Seiya and Saori and Shiryu and Shunrei.

Other characters in the series have also shown romantic interest in each other, such as Hyoga and Eiri in the movie, and Shun and June.

Overall, while love relationships are not the main focus of the series, they are an essential part of the characters’ development and add depth to the story.

1. Seiya and Shaina

Seiya and Shaina have a complex relationship throughout the Saint Seiya series. Here are some key points about their relationship:

Shaina is initially determined to take Seiya’s life for the humiliation he caused her for making her show her face. 

Shaina’s grudge against Seiya is revealed to be because he was the first man to ever see her face, which goes against the rigid tradition that female Saints must either kill the offender or fall in love with him

Shaina saves Seiya’s life from Leo Aiolia, sent by the Pope to kill him. Cassios end up sacrificing himself to save Seiya’s life. Also, Shaina saves Eagle Marin’s life, who moments before had saved Seiya’s in the funeral roses stairway.

In the climax of the battle against the Underworld, Shaina valiantly risks her life to protect Seiya’s sister Seika from the assault of the merciless Thanatos.

In the manga, Shaina is Seiya’s pushed love interest, while in the anime, it goes to the route of Saori x Seiya. Also, in the Saint Seiya official encyclopedia, Shaina appears as Seiya’s main love interest along with Saori.

Is Shaina in Love with Seiya?

In the Saint Seiya series, Shaina is depicted as having strong feelings for Seiya.. Shaina’s character often exhibits jealousy and protective tendencies towards Seiya, suggesting a deeper attachment.

However, the series does not delve deeply into a romantic relationship between them, leaving the interpretation open to viewers.

2. Seiya x Saori

Seiya and Saori have a close relationship throughout the Saint Seiya series, and it is hinted that they have romantic feelings for each other.

However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Saori is the reincarnation of Athena, and as a goddess, she cannot fall in love with a mortal.

Throughout the series, Saori supports Seiya and the other Bronze Saints in their battles against the forces of evil, and Seiya is always willing to sacrifice himself for her and the cause of justice.

Ultimately, while their relationship is never explicitly shown, their mutual respect and admiration for each other are evident throughout the series.

In Saint Seiya Omega, which is a spin-off series, Seiya and Saori’s relationship is not explicitly shown, and it is unclear whether they stay together.

The series takes place 25 years after the events of the original series, and the main character is Koga, who, according to some fan theories, might be the son of Seiya and Saori.

However, these theories are not confirmed in the series, and the relationship between Seiya and Saori is not explored in-depth.

Overall, while Seiya and Saori’s relationship is a significant part of the original series, it is not a focus of the series, and their relationship status is left open to interpretation.

Is Saori in Love with Seiya?

In the Saint Seiya series, Saori Kido (Athena) does share a deep and caring bond with Seiya, and at times, their relationship can be interpreted as having romantic undertones. However, the series does not explicitly confirm a romantic love relationship between them.

The focus of their connection is primarily on their shared mission and the camaraderie among the Saints, but viewers may perceive romantic elements in their interactions.

Does Seiya And Athena Get Together?

Seiya and Athena share a close bond with hinted romantic feelings. However, complications arise as Athena is a goddess, unable to romantically engage with a mortal. Despite their unspoken connection, the series doesn’t explicitly depict their relationship. In the spin-off, Saint Seiya Omega, their status remains unclear. While fan theories speculate about a potential son, Koga, the series doesn’t confirm this.

3. Seiya and Miho (Orphanage Girl)

Seiya and Miho have a close relationship as childhood friends, and Miho has shown great affection for Seiya that goes beyond friendship.

However, it is up to interpretation whether their relationship could develop into a romantic one. Some fans prefer Miho as Seiya’s love interest, citing her caring and nurturing personality and her unwavering support for Seiya

In the series, Miho is shown to be concerned about Seiya’s well-being and encourages him to participate in the tournament to find his sister

Ultimately, the nature of Seiya and Miho’s relationship is left open to interpretation, and it is up to the viewer to decide whether they see them as just close friends or something more.

4. Shiryu x Shunrei

Shiryu and Shunrei share a profound and enduring bond in the Saint Seiya series. Their relationship is marked by Shunrei’s role as Shiryu’s childhood friend and inspiration for his Saintly path.

Shunrei consistently supports Shiryu, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Their deep love for each other contributes significantly to their character development.

Shunrei is depicted as a gentle and caring presence, always there for Shiryu when he needs her. Following their victory over Hades in the Elysian Fields, Shiryu returns to China, where he peacefully resides with Shunrei and their adopted son Shoryu as a farmer.

Their love serves as a vital source of strength and inspiration throughout the series, enriching their characters and the narrative. Click here to see some chinese mythology references in Saint Seiya.

5. Shun x June

Shun and June’s romantic connection is subtly implied in the Saint Seiya series. June, initially an adversary as the Chameleon Saint, later becomes Shun’s ally and protector.

She harbors romantic affection for Shun, while he, initially hesitant, gradually warms up to her, evolving their relationship from potential romance to friendship.

Though not extensively explored in the series, their bond adds depth to their characters, demonstrating their ability to establish meaningful connections with others.

In sum, Shun and June’s relationship, while minor, contributes significance to the series, with June’s romantic interest and Shun’s growing closeness illustrating their capacity for meaningful connections. Check all of the bronze saints here.

6. Ikki x Esmeralda

Ikki and Esmeralda share a relationship in the anime. Esmeralda is the daughter of Guilty, Ikki’s master, and harbors deep affection for him. She often joins him in training sessions and takes him to the only spot on the Island of the Queen of Death where flowers bloom.

Their bond is one of friendship and care, with Esmeralda tending to Ikki’s wounds. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes during a battle between Ikki and Guilty. Esmeralda sacrifices herself to save Ikki from a fatal blow, passing away in his arms.

In her final moments, she implores Ikki to forgive Guilty and move on, and he professes his love for her before burying her on the island. Their love and sacrifice intertwine, leaving a lasting emotional impact.

In the manga, Esmeralda is not the daughter of Guilty. Check here the main differences between the anime and manga.

7. Hyoga x Ellie

In the first Saint Seiya movie, Hyoga encounters Ellie, a compassionate young woman who aids him in his search for his mother’s grave.

Despite having no prior ties to his mission, Ellie extends her kindness towards Hyoga. Initially reserved and distant, Hyoga gradually warms up to Ellie, eventually viewing her as a friend.

Although their relationship is relatively brief and non-canon, it holds significance, showcasing Hyoga’s capacity for forming meaningful connections and adding depth to his character. Check a list of all Saint Seiya movies here.

8. Orphée x Eurydice

Orphée, a Silver Saint of Lyra in the Saint Seiya series, shares a poignant relationship with Eurydice. As a musical virtuoso with power akin to a Gold Saint, Orphée is deeply in love with Eurydice.

However, tragedy strikes as Eurydice becomes tethered to the Underworld. Orphée pleads with Hades for her revival, but she remains bound.

Upon discovering Pandora’s deception, Orphée joins Seiya and Shun on their quest. He leads them to a garden where Eurydice is attached to the ground, and she explains her fate.

Their love story is profoundly tragic, emphasizing Orphée’s capacity for great love and sacrifice, adding depth to his character.

9. Hagen x Freiya

In the Saint Seiya series, Hagen and Freya share an implied but not explicitly shown relationship. Hagen serves as a God Warrior and one of Hilda’s personal bodyguards during the conflict between the Saints and God Warriors.

He harbors romantic feelings for Freya, the younger sister of Polaris Hilda. Freya and Hilda grew up together and were childhood friends of both Hagen and Siegfried.

Although their relationship isn’t deeply explored within the series, their connection adds complexity to their characters, highlighting their capacity to form meaningful bonds.

In essence, Hagen’s hidden love for Freya and their shared childhood friendship contribute depth to their characters, even though it remains a minor aspect of the series. Check here all of the inspirations for the Asgard saga.

10. Aiolia and Marin (?)

Marin and Aiolia are not portrayed as being in a romantic relationship in the Saint Seiya series. Instead, their connection is characterized by mutual respect and camaraderie.

Aiolia, as a Gold Saint, has indeed come to Marin’s aid multiple times, demonstrating his protective nature and concern for her well-being.

However, these acts of rescue are typically rooted in their roles as fellow Saints and allies, rather than indicating a romantic love relationship. Their bond showcases the strong sense of solidarity and support that exists among the Saints in the series.

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