Top 10 Saint Seiya Best Moments

Delving into the captivating world of Saint Seiya, we unveil the Top 10 Best Moments that have left an indelible mark on fans and the series itself.

From awe-inspiring battles to profound character developments, these standout moments epitomize the essence of heroism, camaraderie, and emotional resonance that make Saint Seiya a timeless anime classic.

10. Shido x Bado

This moment from the Asgard Saga shines as one of Saint Seiya’s highlights, despite not being part of the manga. The battle between Shun and Ikki against twins Shido and Bado exemplifies the series’ themes of camaraderie and growth.

Shun’s resilience against Shido and Bado’s formidable teamwork demonstrates his determination. The appearance of Ikki adds a layer of complexity, showcasing the unbreakable bond between siblings as he saves Shun.

Ikki’s eventual victory over Bado solidifies his role as a powerful protector and showcases the extent of his strength.

This emotionally charged sequence adds depth to character dynamics and elevates the saga’s significance within the Saint Seiya universe. Click here to know more about the Asgard Saga.

9. Kanon’s Plans

This sequence is one of Saint Seiya’s finest due to its intricately woven revelations and character dynamics. Ikki’s encounter with Kanon, the twin of Saga, underscores the series’ exploration of duality and redemption.

Kanon’s role in the manipulation of Poseidon and the Marina Generals adds layers of complexity to the narrative.

The tension between Kanon, Ikki, and Sorento showcases conflicting loyalties and intricate motives. The “drawn” battle reflects the intricate moral dilemmas that characters face, highlighting their internal struggles.

This sequence masterfully blends action, intrigue, and moral dilemmas, making it a standout moment that encapsulates the multifaceted nature of Saint Seiya’s storytelling. Click here to know the strongest Gold Saints.

8. Shiryu x Argol 

This moment, despite not strictly adhering to the manga’s storyline, is a standout in Saint Seiya due to its intense character development and emotional impact.

Shiryu’s battle against Spartan and Argol of Perseus marks a turning point in his journey as the Dragon saint. His self-sacrificial decision to blind himself to counter Argol’s power showcases his unwavering resolve and determination to protect his friends.

This poignant sacrifice, combined with the distress it evokes in viewers, not only adds depth to Shiryu’s character but also sets the stage for his growth, making this scene a significant and memorable instance in the series’ trajectory. Click here to know if the Asgard Saga is canon.

7. Shun x Aphrodite

The confrontation between Aphrodite and Shun emerges as a standout moment in Saint Seiya, offering a compelling showcase of Shun’s capabilities and character depth.

This battle allows viewers to witness Shun’s determination and strength as he takes on the formidable Aphrodite. Shun’s perseverance against overwhelming odds not only highlights his growth as a warrior but also underscores his loyalty to his friends and cause.

This scene presents Shun as a key protagonist, demonstrating his resilience and highlighting his unique abilities.

By providing an in-depth look at Shun’s skills and inner strength, this moment cements itself as one of the series’ most notable and impactful sequences. Click here to see the best Shun fights.

6. Shura’s sacrifice to save Shiryu

The conclusion of the battle between Shiryu and Shura stands as a pinnacle moment in Saint Seiya due to its emotional resonance and character development.

Shura, who was once Shiryu’s adversary, showcases a change of heart by sacrificing himself to save Shiryu.

This act of redemption and ultimate camaraderie exemplifies the series’ underlying themes of honor, friendship, and personal growth.

Shiryu’s reaction to Shura’s sacrifice evokes a profound emotional impact, highlighting the transformative power of forgiveness and empathy.

The scene serves as a powerful reminder that even amidst fierce battles, the bonds between characters and their capacity for change are central to the narrative’s depth and enduring appeal. Click here to see the best Shiryu fights.

5. Siegfried’s sacrifice

The Siegfried sacrifice emerges as one of the anime’s standout scenes due to its profound emotional resonance and thematic significance.

His selfless act embodies the essence of heroism, depicting the ultimate sacrifice for a greater cause. Siegfried’s transformation from a formidable adversary to a noble figure willing to lay down his life highlights the complexity of character development.

This poignant moment not only emphasizes the power of camaraderie but also adds a layer of depth to the series’ themes of duty and redemption.

The Siegfried sacrifice resonates deeply, encapsulating the anime’s emotional impact and securing its place as one of its finest moments. To know about the norse mythology inspirations in the Asgard Saga, click here.

4. Bronze Saints using Gold Cloths

In the Poseidon saga, the bronze saints donning gold cloths stands among Saint Seiya’s finest moments, epitomizing their growth and determination.

This transformative shift not only signifies a remarkable power-up but also symbolizes their unwavering resolve to protect their goddess and humanity.

The bronze saints, typically seen as underdogs, stepping into the formidable gold cloths showcases their evolution from inexperienced warriors to formidable heroes.

This pivotal moment accentuates the anime’s core themes of perseverance, friendship, and sacrifice, creating an indelible image of unity and valor that resonates profoundly with viewers and solidifies the bronze saints’ legacy as legendary defenders. Click here to see all of the astrogy references in the show.

3. Saga’s Death

Saga’s death stands as one of Saint Seiya’s most significant moments due to its profound impact on the overarching narrative.

Saga, once a main antagonist, ultimately redeems himself by sacrificing his own life to protect Athena and his fellow saints.

This act of redemption not only showcases the complexity of his character but also emphasizes the themes of redemption and the struggle between good and evil.

Saga’s death symbolizes the potential for change and growth, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and adding a layer of depth to the series’ exploration of morality and heroism.

This pivotal moment marks the culmination of Saga’s journey, making it a standout and emotionally resonant scene. To know all about the best sagas in the anime, click here.

2. Shaka’s Philosophical Conversation

The conversation led by Shaka regarding death and life stands as the second best moment in Saint Seiya due to its profound philosophical depth.

Shaka’s introspective discourse challenges the warriors’ perspectives, offering a unique insight into existence and mortality.

This moment not only showcases Shaka’s wisdom and enlightenment but also highlights the complexity of the characters’ beliefs and their dedication to their cause.

The scene’s thought-provoking nature prompts viewers to contemplate existential themes and adds a layer of complexity to the series, solidifying it as an exceptional moment that enriches both character development and overall narrative impact.

This conversation have a lot of buddhism references. Click here to know all of the buddhism references in Saint Seiya.

1. Athena’s Death

Athena’s death in the Hades Saga stands as a pivotal and emotionally charged moment in Saint Seiya. This culmination of the series’ intricate mythology and character development is masterfully executed.

Athena’s self-sacrifice adds depth to her role as a divine protector, showcasing the profound bonds between the saints and their goddess.

This tragic event pushes the protagonists to their limits, leading to intense battles and personal growth.

The resonance of Athena’s death reverberates throughout the saga, solidifying its impact on the narrative and elevating it as one of the series’ most memorable and defining moments. Click here to know more about the Saint Seiya god characters.

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