Top 7 Shiryu Fights in Saint Seiya

Explore the most epic moments of Shiryu, one of the iconic Bronze Saints in Saint Seiya.

From intense battles to character-defining sacrifices, this article counts down the top 7 fights that showcase Shiryu’s strength and resilience in the world of Saint Seiya.

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7. Chrysaor Krishna

The fight between Shiryu and Chrysaor Krishna in Saint Seiya’s Poseidon Saga is awesome. They both use smart moves and the animation looks great. 

Krishna, a powerful Poseidon Saint, has cool techniques linked to Hinduism, making the fight unpredictable. The characters grow during the battle, and it’s a memorable part of the series.

6. Pegasus Seiya

The fight between Seiya and Shiryu at the beginning of Saint Seiya is a big deal because it shapes their relationship in the series. However, I eon’t rate it very high because the animation quality is not great.

Even though the fight is crucial for the story and character development, the not-so-good animation makes it less enjoyable to watch compared to other battles in the show. Click here to read about the best Pegasus Seiya fights.

5. Megrez Alberich

The fight between Shiryu and Megrez Alberich in the Asgard Saga of Saint Seiya is awesome. Shiryu managed to beat Alberich, who had previously defeated Marin, Seiya, and Hyoga. Click here to know more about Asgard not being canon.

This makes Shiryu’s win really cool and important in the story. It shows how strong and tough Shiryu is. The battle is one of the best parts of the Asgard Saga because of the excitement and surprise when Shiryu defeats such a tough enemy.

4. Ohko

Ohko is a cool character that fans really like in Saint Seiya. His rivalry with Shiryu makes the anime more interesting

 When they finally have a fight, it’s awesome because of the tension and the way they interact. Ohko being a favorite filler character adds a fun and exciting element to the Saint Seiya story. Click here to know more about Ohko and other filler characters.

3. Perseus Algol

When Shiryu fought Perseus Algol in Saint Seiya, it became very important for him. In the battle, Shiryu loses his sight, which seems like a tough thing. But this loss actually helps him get stronger by boosting his cosmos.

So, even though Shiryu goes blind, it turns out to be a good thing for him. That’s why people think this fight is the third-best for Shiryu in the series.

The sacrifice of losing his sight makes Shiryu grow and become more powerful, making it a really important moment in his story.

2. Cancer Death mask

When Shiryu fought Cancer Death Mask in Saint Seiya, it became one of the best Gold Saints fights. It’s special because it was the first time a Bronze Saint had a serious fight with a Gold Saint.

This battle is a big deal in the series because Shiryu, a Bronze Saint, faced off against a tough opponent like Cancer Death Mask, who is a powerful Gold Saint. Check how was their fight clicking here.

The fight is intense, with Shiryu showing strength and determination. Because of this important moment and how Shiryu overcame challenges, many fans think it’s his second-best fight in the series.

1. Capricorn Shura

The fight between Shura and Shiryu in Saint Seiya is the best one for Shiryu. It’s special because it shows Shura’s story and why he’s fighting. Shiryu does something big to win, making a sacrifice.

This battle is one of the best in Saint Seiya because it’s not just about the action. We learn more about Shura, and Shiryu does something really important to win.

The fight is emotional and exciting, making it one of the greatest moments in the whole Saint Seiya series. Click here to know who’s the strongest Gold saint.

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