Who Killed Deathmask in Saint Seiya?

In the anime and manga series “Saint Seiya,” Shiryu, one of the Bronze Saints, faced off against Deathmask, the Gold Saint of Cancer.

Shiryu, a determined and honorable warrior, defeated and killed Deathmask. Drawing upon his indomitable willpower and the cosmos, Shiryu summoned his legendary Dragon Shiryu Clot. Their intense battle unfolded in the House of Cancer within the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.

Shiryu’s victory showcased his unwavering resolve and dedication to protecting the goddess Athena and maintaining peace in the world of “Saint Seiya.” Check a analysis about the strongest gold saints.

Shiryu and Deathmask Battle

The epic battle between Shiryu and Deathmask in the Palace of Cancer is a pivotal moment in the “Saint Seiya” series. The confrontation reaches its climax when Deathmask, the sinister Gold Saint of Cancer, resorts to a devious tactic.

He pretends to kill Shunrei, a dear friend of Shiryu, using his psychic powers. This cruel illusion angers Shiryu, igniting his resolve to avenge his friend and protect Athena’s honor.

As the battle intensifies, Shiryu taps into his inner strength and unleashes the full potential of his Dragon Shiryu Cloth. His determination and anger fuel his legendary Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, a devastating attack, which not only defeats Deathmask but also leaves his Gold Cloth disintegrating piece by piece.

This signifies Shiryu’s unwavering determination and righteousness triumphing over Deathmask’s evil intentions, showcasing the classic theme of good prevailing over evil in “Saint Seiya.” Read a full review about Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold here.

Deathmask: Sadistic and Cruel

Deathmask, a Gold Saint in the “Saint Seiya” series, is infamous for his sadistic and cruel disposition. He takes pleasure in causing pain and torment to his adversaries, deriving satisfaction from their suffering.

This sadistic nature reflects his malevolent character, making him a formidable and menacing opponent for the Bronze Saints.

His enjoyment of others’ agony adds a chilling dimension to his role as one of the 12 Gold Saints, embodying the darker side of power and illustrating the moral and ethical conflicts that are central to the “Saint Seiya” narrative.

Deathmask’s sadistic tendencies make him a compelling and memorable antagonist in the series. Read a analysis about who killed Aphrodite here.

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