Who Killed Aphrodite In Saint Seiya?

Aphrodite, the pisces gold saint, is one of the gold saints defeated by Athena main bronze saints. Click here to know more.

In the Saint Seiya series, the Gold Saint Pisces Aphrodite meets his demise at the hands of Andromeda Shun. This pivotal moment in the storyline underscores the intense battles and sacrifices that define the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil in the series.

Aphrodite’s death marks a significant turning point in the narrative, showcasing the fierce determination and unwavering commitment of the Bronze Saints as they protect the Earth and its cosmic balance from formidable threats. Check who’s the strongest gold saint here.

Aphrodite and Shun Fight

The dramatic showdown unfolds within the hallowed confines of the House of Pisces, one of the twelve revered temples in the Sanctuary.

Pisces Aphrodite, clad in the resplendent Pisces Cloth, showcases his formidable prowess through a range of techniques, including the mesmerizing Royal Demon Rose, the deadly Piranhan Rose, and the ominous Bloody Rose. These moves highlight his unrivaled mastery over the cosmic energy that fuels the Gold Saints’ powers.

On the other side of the conflict, Andromeda Shun harnesses his extraordinary Nebula Storm technique, a testament to his remarkable strength as a Bronze Saint.

The battle inflicts severe damage on Shun, with his body bearing the scars of the intense struggle. Tragically, the fierce confrontation culminates in Aphrodite’s untimely demise, underscoring the sacrifices made in the name of justice.

Aphrodite, renowned not only for his incredible strength but also his captivating beauty, remains a symbol of power and allure among the 88 Saints, leaving an indelible mark on the Saint Seiya series. Click here to know if Shun is a boy or a girl!

Aphrodite’s Personality

Pisces Aphrodite, renowned for his unparalleled beauty, defies the stereotype of narcissism. He carries an aura of cruelty, albeit not sadism, often laced with irony and sarcasm.

While his combat skills are formidable, it’s his ruthless disposition that earns him a reputation as the most dreaded among the 88 Saints of Athena. He appears in Soul of Gold (check a review here).

His fearsomeness stems more from his malevolent temperament than his fighting prowess. In the world of Saint Seiya, Aphrodite’s multifaceted character highlights the complexity of the Gold Saints, where beauty conceals the depths of their personalities, making him a compelling and enigmatic figure in the series.

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