Top 7 Pegasus Seiya Fights

Discover the best 7 Pegasus Seiya fights in Saint Seiya. From tough battles to character moments, these encounters reveal Seiya’s growth and determination.

Join us for an exciting journey through these epic clashes that define the powerful Pegasus Saint.

7. Sea Horse Baian

In Saint Seiya’s Poseidon Saga, Seiya’s first big fight is against Sea Horse Baian. This battle is a big deal because it shows how much stronger Seiya has become. He uses new skills and powers, proving he’s grown since earlier fights.

The showdown with Baian isn’t just part of the Poseidon Saga’s story; it’s a clear sign of Seiya becoming a more powerful warrior as the saga unfolds.

6. Phecda Thor

In Saint Seiya’s Asgard Saga, Seiya’s first big battle is against Thor. It’s a tough fight, with Seiya facing serious challenges from the powerful Thor.

Even though Seiya has a hard time, he doesn’t give up. With his determination and inner strength, Seiya manages to defeat Thor in the end.

This battle marks the beginning of an exciting adventure in the Asgard Saga of Saint Seiya. To know more about the ASgard Saga, click here.

5. Phoenix Ikki

Seiya wins a cool fight against Ikki, showcasing his strength and growth. The battle is awesome, with both fighters going all out.

Seiya defeating Ikki adds a thrilling moment to the Saint Seiya story, highlighting his progress and determination. Click here to know the best Phoenix Ikki fights.

4. Leo Aiolia

The fight with Aiolia in Saint Seiya is really cool and changes the characters. Seiya learns a lot and shows how determined he is.

Cassius, too, goes through some changes, making us understand more about him prior to his death. Click here to know who are the strongest gold saints here.

Aiolia, being a strong Gold Saint, adds depth to his character by the way he fights. This battle not only moves the story forward but also makes the characters more interesting and real.

3. Dragon Shiryu

The fight between Seiya and Shiryu at the start of Saint Seiya is awesome. Even though there are a few animation issues, it’s one of the most beloved moments for longtime fans.

The battle is memorable for its exciting story and cool scenes, making it a special part of Saint Seiya that many people still love, flaws and all. Click here to kwno the best Shiryu fights.

2. Lizard Misty

Seiya’s fight with Lizard Misty in Saint Seiya is special because it’s the first time a Bronze Saint faces a Silver Saint.

Even though Silver Saints are considered stronger, Seiya does a great job in the battle. What’s cool is that Seiya not only fights well but also says important things to Misty.

This fight shakes up the usual power balance, showing Seiya’s bravery and determination in a crucial moment of the Saint Seiya story.

1. Thanatos

Seiya’s fight with Thanatos in Saint Seiya is awesome because Seiya manages to beat a god, showing how strong he’s become. It’s an impressive battle that highlights Seiya’s power and growth, making it a crucial moment in the story.

This showdown against a god emphasizes Seiya’s amazing abilities, making the struggle between the Bronze Saints and divine enemies even more intense. Discover the top 10 villains in Saint Seiya.

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