Top 7 Phoenix Ikki Fights

Dive into the fiery battles of the legendary Phoenix Ikki as we count down the Top 7 most electrifying showdowns in the Saint Seiya series.

From epic clashes against formidable foes to moments of unparalleled strength and strategic brilliance, these fights showcase the indomitable spirit and evolution of Phoenix Ikki as one of the most iconic warriors in the cosmos.

7. Cygnus Hyoga

The Cygnus Hyoga vs. Phoenix Ikki fight in Saint Seiya was super cool! Hyoga was using icy moves that almost beat Ikki. It got really exciting because Ikki only managed to stay in the fight by knowing all of Hyoga’s tricks.

Right when it seemed like Hyoga might win, Andromeda Shun jumped in to save Ikki. It was like a big surprise twist! This battle had everything – cool moves, smart strategies, and a moment where a friend stepped in just in time.

It’s definitely one of the best fights in the early Saint Seiya anime, making it a must-watch for fans! Click here for the 7 best Hyoga fights.

6. Garuda Aiacos

The fight between Phoenix Ikki and Garuda Aiacos in the Hades Saga was super cool! Ikki showed how much he’d grown as a Saint by easily beating Aiacos. It was a really good fight because Ikki used his skills and strategy to win.

This battle was a big moment, proving that Ikki had become a powerful warrior in the Saint Seiya story. It was like watching him level up and show off all his new moves. Definitely one of the highlights of the series! Check who killed the villain Hades in Saint Seiya.

5. Shiva and Agora

The fight between Ikki and Shiva and Agora was super cool, even if it wasn’t part of the main story. Shiva and Agora used to be students of Shaka and caused a lot of trouble.

Despite that, the battle was really good. It let Ikki show how much he had grown as a Saint. Facing the tricky duo, Ikki showed off his improved skills and smart moves.

Even though it was extra stuff in the story, this fight was exciting and gave us a good look at how strong and cool Ikki had become. It was a fun addition to the Saint Seiya series! Click here for a complete list for filler characters in Saint Seiya.

4. Sea Dragon Kanon

The fight between Ikki and Sea Dragon Kanon is super cool because they’re two of the best characters in Saint Seiya. It’s a bit sad they didn’t finish the fight, but it’s still a really interesting part of the series.

Both Ikki and Kanon are super strong, and seeing them battle is awesome for fans. Even though we didn’t get to know who won, the fight itself is a memorable and exciting moment in Saint Seiya.

It’s like a big showdown between two of the coolest characters in the whole series! Click here to know the top 10 villains in Saint Seiya.

3. Benetnasch Mime

The fight between Ikki and Benetnasch Mime was really cool, even though it was just extra stuff in the story. In this filler, Ikki had to face a powerful enemy to save his brother Shun.

It was a great battle where Ikki fought really well against Mime. Even though it wasn’t part of the main storyline, the fight was intense and showed Ikki’s determination to protect his brother.

It’s one of those moments that may not be part of the main plot, but it still adds excitement and shows how strong and brave Ikki is in the Saint Seiya series. Mime’s past helped it to be one of the best Asgard fights. Check the main inspirations for the Asgard Saga here.

2. Mizar Shido and Bado

In the Asgard Saga, Phoenix Ikki took on twin brothers, Mizar Shido and Bado, who protected Hilda. The story of these brothers made the saga really interesting.

They were strong defenders of Hilda, and their loyalty added a deep feeling to the fight. Ikki’s battle with the brothers was one of the coolest in Saint Seiya.

It showed how strong Ikki is. The fight got even better because of Ikki’s powerful words at the end. He understood and connected with the brothers.

This battle wasn’t just about strength; it also talked about loyalty and sacrifice. That’s why it’s one of the most memorable and important fights in the whole Saint Seiya series. Click here to know how the Asgard saga could be better.

1. Virgo Shaka

The fight between Ikki and Shaka is a big favorite for many Saint Seiya fans. People love it because it shows how strong Ikki is, even against the powerful Shaka. This battle is super memorable, with lots of intense moments and cool fighting.

Ikki really proves himself here. Later on, we find out that Shaka can come back from other dimensions, which adds an extra interesting twist to the story.

Even though Shaka has this special ability, the fight is still amazing. Fans enjoy it a lot because of the excitement and the awesome moves Ikki pulls off.

It’s a standout moment in Saint Seiya, making it a special and lasting part of the series. Click here to know who are the top gold saints in SAint Seiya.

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