Saint Seiya Filler Characters: Ohko, Crystal Saint, and more

Today, we’re going to talk about the non-constellation filler Saints that appeared in the Saint Seiya Anime.

What constellation does Crystal Saint, Ohko and Docrates belong to? What rank do Geist’s Ghost Saints hold?

This article is based on a Portuguese source found here and here, with some additional characters included.

Is Docrates a Filler?

Cassius’ older brother. Where did they come up with this idea? Nevertheless, moving on. Docrates proved to be a fierce adversary, primarily due to his incredible strength and the destructive power of his Hercules’ Fists.

It’s said that Docrates has the greatest physical strength among the Saints, likely another exaggeration in Saint Seiya, as Aldebaran is there to prove otherwise.

Docrates managed to defeat Seiya, Shun, and Hyoga, requiring all three to join forces to defeat him. He is the first Sonota Saint (Constellation-less Saint) and the most challenging to define. Click here to know how many saints there are in Saint Seiya.

Which Constellation is Docrates in Saint Seiya?

The appearance of his armor resembles a lizard, unofficially linked to the Hydrus constellation, and theoretically, due to gaps in the armor, would be bronze in rank.

Why does Docrates run away from the police?

In the Saint Seiya anime, Docrates runs away after hearing police sirens. This is probably just a inconsistency in the anime, since saints are able to reach high speed and strenght in such a way that the police couldnt do any harm to him (we even see Hyoga protecting himself from bullets with ease!).

Is Crystal Saint Filler?

The master of Cygnus Hyoga in the anime. It’s worth noting to hardcore fans that the Crystal Saint was created long before the manga reached the Twelve Houses Saga and introduced Aquarius Camus.

Thus, it was the Crystal Saint from the anime that inspired Camus of Aquarius in the manga (click here to know 5 facts about Camus).

The fact that he went to the Sanctuary to reprimand the Grand Master suggests that Crystal may have had an even more significant role in the Sanctuary before training Hyoga.

Which Constellation is Crystal Saint in Saint Seiya?

Among the constellations, the one that best fits the profile of Crystal Saint would be Corona Borealis. The Crystal Saint appears to have highly protective armor, and his power leaves no doubt that he is a Silver Saint.

Serpent Geist

Geist is an interesting character: she was called Vampire Geist at some point, although she has moves similar to Shaina’s, and reptiles appear in her attacks.

The connection with Shaina is only implied, but due to the similarities, they might be training companions (like Isaac and Hyoga) or master (Geist) and apprentice (Shaina). If you want to know more about about Shaina and her love for Seiya, read this article here.

Her power to create illusions really troubled the Saints, and as the leader, she is likely the most powerful of the Ghost Saints.

Which Constellation is Serpent Geist in Saint Seiya?

If Serpent Geist had a constellation, it could be Serpens, and given the level of protection, almost at the level of gold armor, it should be Silver, although it can’t be ruled out that she might be a bronze Amazon.

Medusa has electric power, Dolphin has a surprise move, and Sea Serpent stands in the water and temporarily transforms into a serpent.

Their attire doesn’t resemble the armor of the Saints of the Zodiac much. Dolphin even has a constellation, but it doesn’t seem to be his protector. Pushing it, these Ghost Saints could have bronze armors very different from the norm.

Saint of the Flame

The Flame Saint proved to be a formidable challenge for Shun by burning a forest and endangering Saori’s life. He was only defeated when Phoenix Ikki resurrected.

Once again, his power hovers on the edge between bronze and silver. However, in this story, it’s not as clear-cut since he had an overwhelming “field advantage” against the only “non-combatant Saint” in history.

Which Constellation is the Saint of the Flame in Saint Seiya?

If the Saint of the Flame is governed by a constellation, it’s very likely that he’s a Bronze Saint with the Furnace (Fornax) constellation.

Is Ohko Filler?

Ohko, Shiryu’s rival, is a filler character in Saint Seiya. Even though he wasn’t part of the original story, fans loved him a lot, and many didn’t realize he was filler.

People wished he had more time in the spotlight because of his cool design and strong fighting skills. But unfortunately, he was killed by Shiryu.

It’s a reminder of how a character can become really popular, even if they’re not part of the main plot. To know how the saints are chosen, click here.

Which Constellation is Ohko in Saint Seiya?

Ohko doesn’t have a constellation in Saint Seiya because he’s not a saint. Instead, he’s linked to the tiger. Tigers don’t have constellations in Western astrology, but they do in Chinese astrology. So, even though he’s not part of the main story, Ohko has a special connection to the stars.

Is Spartan Filler?

Spartan possessed telekinetic powers considered the strongest in the Sanctuary. His strength was so immense that he could prevent Shiryu from striking him.

Petrified by Algol, he returned to normal after his defeat, fled and was never seen again. Spartan likely is a Silver Saint, easily defeating Shiryu, who later defeated one of the most powerful Silver Saints.

Which Constellation is Spartan in Saint Seiya?

Spartan was sent in the anime with Cobra Shaina and Perseus Algol to face the Bronze Saints. He doesn’t have a constellation, but fans often think of him as Spartan of the Compass.

Are Leda and Spica Filler?

Leda and Spica posed the final challenge for Andromeda Shun before he journeyed to the Sanctuary to face the Gold Saints. Though lacking constellations, they became Bronze Saints, each with chains on their armors similar to Andromeda.

Their combined Nebula Double Chain attack temporarily restrained Shun without his armor. However, he eventually defeated them effortlessly, and they’re likely at a Bronze Level. To know more about Shun’s master, click here.

Which Constellations are Leda and Spica in Saint Seiya?

The fandom has speculated that Leda would be Southern Fish and Spica, Cassiopeia.

Is Tarantula Arachne Filler?

Tarantula Arachne, a Silver Filler Saint, confronted Pegasus Seiya during Shiryu’s blindness crisis. Motivated by hatred for Seiya, who had killed his friends, Arachne emitted potent cosmo-energy.

Steel Saint Shô intervened, allowing Seiya to don the Pegasus Armor and defeat Arachne with the Pegasus Meteor Fist. Arachne appears to be at least a Silver Level.

Which Constellation is Tarantula Arachne in Saint Seiya?

There is no specific constellation for Tarantula. The only astral reference is the Tarantula Nebula. Could this be an extra armor, perhaps the 89th?

Are Shiva and Agora (Shaka Disciples) Filler?

Lotus Aghora and Peacock Shiva, disciples of Virgo Shaka, are dispatched to kill Phoenix Ikki in the anime. As Silver Saints, they exist exclusively in the animated series, adding elements of loyalty, rivalry, and celestial battles to the narrative.

Which Constellations are Shiva and Aghora (Shaka Disciples) in Saint Seiya?

Peacock Shiva’s cloth is inspired by the Pavo constellation, while Lotus Aghora’s constellation is based on Lillium.

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