Who’s the Master of each Saint in Saint Seiya? Complete List 

In this article, I’ll explain the master-apprentice relationships that shape each Saint’s journey.

You’ll know all about the master of each main bronze saint, as well as some other characters’ masters.

Who Is Pegasus Seiya’s Master?

Marin’s influence significantly shapes Seiya’s character as he strives to become a formidable warrior and uphold the ideals of the Saints.

In the Saint Seiya anime, Marin serves as Seiya’s master. As the Silver Saint of the Eagle constellation, she takes on the responsibility of training and guiding Seiya, the Bronze Saint of Pegasus. Marin plays a crucial role in honing Seiya’s skills and instilling in him the values of courage and justice.

Throughout their journey, Seiya looks up to Marin as a mentor figure, learning not only the physical aspects of combat but also the importance of loyalty and perseverance. Click here to know who’s Seiya’s Sister.

Who Is Andromeda Shun’s Master?

When it comes to Shun, there’s a slight chance on who’s his master in both the anime and manga. Check it out.

In the Saint Seiya manga, Shun’s master is Cepheus Daidalos, while the anime portrays his mentor as Cepheus Albiore. Despite this discrepancy, both characters fulfill remarkably similar roles in guiding and training Shun, the Bronze Saint of Andromeda.

Whether Daidalos or Albiore, their influence on Shun’s character development remains consistent, emphasizing values of compassion, justice, and strength. Click here to know if Shun is the strongest gold saint.

Who Is Phoenix Ikki’s Master?

Ikki’s master is probably the worst of them all, because he helped to shape Ikki as an early villain in the series.

In Saint Seiya, Guilty is the master of Ikki, the Phoenix Bronze Saint. As a mentor and trainer, Guilty imparts his martial arts wisdom and combat techniques to Ikki, shaping him into a formidable warrior.  In the early stages of Saint Seiya, Guilty emerges as a malevolent force, playing a crucial role in shaping Ikki, the Phoenix Bronze Saint’s character.

As an inherently wicked mentor, Guilty instills a darker aspect in Ikki’s persona, fostering a complex relationship between master and pupil. Check 7 facts about Ikki in this article.

Who is Dragon Shiryu’s Master?

The bond between master and pupil is pivotal in Shiryu’s growth, with Dohko serving as a mentor figure who instills discipline and fortitude. 

In Saint Seiya, Dohko is Shiryu’s esteemed master. As the legendary Libra Gold Saint, Dohko imparts his profound wisdom and formidable martial arts expertise to Shiryu, the Bronze Saint of the Dragon constellation. Dohko’s role extends beyond mere combat training, encompassing spiritual and ethical guidance.

Shiryu’s unwavering loyalty to Dohko reflects the profound impact of their relationship, showcasing the importance of mentorship in the development of a Saint’s character and abilities. Check 7 facts about Shiryu in this article.

Who is Cygnus Hyoga’s Master?

The anime also changed some info about Hyoga’s master. They are different people depending on the anime or manga.

In the Saint Seiya anime, Hyoga’s master is portrayed as the Crystal Saint (with the power of, many say, a silver saint), while the manga attributes this role to Camus, Aquarius gold saint. In the anime, Camus is Crystal Saint’s master. That’s why Hyoga also calls him his master.

Despite this difference, both versions emphasize the mentorship’s significance in shaping Hyoga’s character as the Cygnus Bronze Saint. Click here to know 7 facts about Camus!

Here’s an interesting story: Crystal Saint was created prior to Camus, deviating from the norm (where the manga creates something and the anime adapts it), but Kurumada added this plotline to the Sanctuary Saga.

Who Is Pegasus Tenma’s Master?

Tenma’s mentor-student relationship goes beyond physical training, instilling virtues like courage and determination. 

In Saint Seiya, Dohko assumes the role of Tenma’s master, fostering the young Pegasus Saint’s growth and development. As the Libra Gold Saint, Dohko imparts his profound wisdom and combat expertise to Tenma, shaping him into a formidable warrior.

Dohko’s influence plays a pivotal role in Tenma’s journey, guiding him on the path of justice and fortitude. Check a revie of the Lost Canvas anime here.

Who is Aries Mu’s Master?

We don’t know much of each gold saint’s past, but in the show we’re able to know a bit more about Mu’s master.

Mu, the Aries Gold Saint in Saint Seiya, was mentored by Shion, the former Aries Gold Saint and the Great Pope. Shion, a wise and powerful figure, secretly met his demise at the hands of Saga, the Gold Saint of Gemini, who assumed the identity of the Great Pope.

Despite Shion’s tragic fate, his teachings lived on through Mu, shaping him into a formidable warrior. Click here to know more about the gold saints.

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