Who is Seiya’s Sister?

One of the biggest mysteries in Saint Seiya is who’s Seiya’s sister. Today, you’ll find out.

Seika, Seiya’s sister, is not Marin. The real Seika grew up with Seiya in the orphanage until they were separated when he was adopted by the Graad Foundation. Determined to reunite with him, Seika, upon learning Seiya was in Greece, loses her memory after a fall. She is protected by Athena’s Saints when Thanatos recognizes her as Seiya’s sister. 

In their childhood, Seika lived in the “Orphanage Son of the Stars” with her brother Seiya and Miho. However, Seiya was adopted by the Graad Foundation, separating them. Determined to find him, Seika left without a trace.

Learning Seiya was in Greece, she went there but suffered a fall, losing her memory. Raised near the Athena Sanctuary in Rodorio, recognized only by her belongings, she was found by Marin and Kiki years later. Click here to know who is Seiya’s father in both the anime and manga

Thanatos, recognizing her as Seiya’s sister, tried to kill her, but Knights protected her. After Seiya defeats Thanatos, Seika regains her memory, helping him awaken his Divine Armor, destroying the God of Death.

Is Marin Seiya’s Sister?

Marin and Seika are very similar to each other, having a very closely related red hair. But are they the same person?

Although the manga and anime suggest the possibility, it’s clarified that Marin is not Seiya’s sister. Despite the initial ambiguity, the storyline later confirms they aren’t siblings. The narrative initially hints at a potential familial connection but later dismisses this notion.

While the manga and anime initially raise speculation about Marin being Seiya’s sister, this is eventually debunked in the narrative.

The story introduces ambiguity, hinting at a potential familial bond, but it’s later clarified that Marin and Seiya are not siblings. The initial confusion adds a layer of mystery to their relationship, creating suspense for viewers and readers.

This plot twist emphasizes the importance of not jumping to conclusions based on early hints, keeping the audience engaged as the true nature of their connection unfolds in the storyline. Click here to know who is Shiryu’s wife in Saint Seiya.

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