Who is Seiya’s Father in Saint Seiya?

In the “Saint Seiya” anime, Seiya is portrayed as an orphan. But who is his real father? The answer is different in the anime and manga.

In the “Saint Seiya” anime, Seiya is an orphan raised by Mitsumasa Kido, though his true parentage is undisclosed. However, in the manga, Seiya is revealed to be one of Mitsumasa Kido’s biological sons, shedding light on his lineage and the connection to the Kido family.

While it’s never explicitly revealed who Seiya’s biological father is, it’s clear that Mitsumasa Kido played a significant role in his life, acting as his adoptive father.

In contrast, in the original manga version of the story, it is unveiled that Seiya is one of Mitsumasa Kido’s biological sons, giving insight into his lineage and familial ties to the Kido family.

This difference in Seiya’s background between the anime and manga versions adds depth to the character’s backstory. Did you know that Kido is the father of all main bronze saints in the manga? Click here to know more!

Manga Version: Mitsumasa Kido as Seiya’s Father

In the manga version of “Saint Seiya,” a significant revelation reshapes Seiya’s character and backstory. Here, it is unveiled that Mitsumasa Kido is, in fact, Seiya’s biological father.

This revelation adds a complex layer to Seiya’s identity and motivations. Mitsumasa Kido, a wealthy and enigmatic figure, not only adopts Seiya but also plays a dual role as both his father and mentor – but he’s terrible in both!

Mitsumasa Kido, in “Saint Seiya,” is a flawed father and mentor to Seiya. He subjects Seiya to a harsh upbringing and sends him into dangerous battles as a Saint.

This harsh treatment underscores their strained relationship, revealing Kido’s inadequacies as a paternal and mentor figure, often endangering Seiya’s well-being. His relationship with Saori Kido is very different (click here to know more).

Anime Version: Seiya’s Unknown Father

In the anime adaptation of “Saint Seiya,” Seiya’s parentage remains shrouded in mystery. While he is adopted by Mitsumasa Kido, the identity of his true father remains undisclosed, leaving a significant gap in Seiya’s backstory.

This enigma adds an intriguing layer to Seiya’s character, as he grapples with questions about his origins and heritage throughout the series.

The absence of a known biological father intensifies the importance of his ambiguous relationship with Mitsumasa Kido, who is his foster father but trates him really bad.

Mitsumasa Kido’s role as a father and mentor in “Saint Seiya” is deeply flawed. He subjects Seiya to a tough upbringing, frequently exposing him to perilous battles as a Saint.

This harsh treatment highlights the strained and ineffective nature of their relationship, showcasing Kido’s shortcomings as a parental and guiding figure, often jeopardizing Seiya’s safety and well-being.

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