Who is the Father of Saori Kido in Saint Seiya?

In the Saint Seiya anime, the true identity of Saori Kido’s biological father is shrouded in mystery: who is he?

In Saint Seiya, Saori Kido’s biological father remains unknown. Nevertheless, she was adopted by Mitsumasa Kido, who treated her as his granddaughter, taking on the role of her guardian and mentor in her quest to become Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

I Her parentage remains undisclosed throughout the series. However, Saori’s life takes a significant turn when she is adopted by Mitsumasa Kido, the wealthy and influential head of the Kido Corporation. Check here if Mitsumasa Kido is the father of all saints.

Although Mitsumasa Kido is not her biological father, he raises Saori as if she were his own granddaughter. He assumes the role of her guardian and mentor, guiding her on the path to becoming Athena, the divine Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

This complex dynamic adds layers to Saori’s character, as she grapples with her true lineage while striving to fulfill her destiny as the protector of Earth and its people in the ongoing battle against evil forces.

Mitsumasa Kido: Athena’s foster grandfather

Mitsumasa Kido plays a crucial role in the Saint Seiya anime as Athena’s foster grandfather. He is the wealthy and influential head of the Kido Corporation, a man of great influence and resources.

Mitsumasa Kido adopts Saori Kido, who is destined to become the reincarnation of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. While he is not her biological grandfather, he takes on the role of her guardian, mentor, and protector.

This is a pivotal aspect of the storyline, as Saori’s true parentage remains unknown. Mitsumasa Kido’s support and guidance are instrumental in Saori’s journey to fulfill her divine destiny as Athena and to protect Earth from various malevolent forces. Cick here for a complete Saint Seiya anime guide.

Zeus: Athena’s father

In Greek Mythology, Zeus is depicted as Athena’s father. He’s the main olympian god and the most powerful.

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, is portrayed as Zeus’ daughter in greek mythology. This divine relationship adds a layer of significance to Athena’s role in the series, specially in Next Dimension and in the Zeus saga.

Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, represents supreme authority and power in the Saint Seiya universe. As Athena’s father, he plays a key role in the cosmic balance and the struggles that ensue.

Throughout the series, Athena is tasked with protecting Earth and humanity from various malevolent forces and gods, which often involves confronting her divine family, including the gods Poseidon and Hades.

This complex family dynamic adds depth to the narrative and underscores the tension between familial bonds and the larger cosmic responsibilities Athena must bear. Check all of the god characters in Saint Seiya.

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