Saint Seiya: List of Sagas (Complete Guide)

Prepare to explore the captivating sagas within the Saint Seiya franchise, with their division in episodes and order.

Saint Seiya is composed of the following sagas: Galaxian Wars (episodes 1-41), Sanctuary (episodes 42-73), Asgard (filler, episodes74-99), Poseidon (episodes 100-114) and Hades (OVA, episodes 115-145). It also has spin-offs, such as Saint Seiya Omega (97), Soul of Gold (13 episodes), Lost Canvas (26 episodes) and Saintia Sho (10 episodes).

These stories are a rollercoaster of cosmic battles, deep friendships, and heroic feats. From the explosive showdowns in the Sanctuary Saga to the divine clashes with Hades, these sagas offer a rich tapestry of adventure. 

Join us as we delve into the legendary tales of characters like the Pegasus, Dragon, and Phoenix Saints, among others. To see a Saint Seiya watching order guide, click here.

1. Galaxian Wars (episodes 1-41)

The Galaxian Wars in Saint Seiya is a pivotal storyline that unfolds in the early episodes, providing a gripping introduction to the series.

It starts with the bronze saints fighting for the Sagitarius gold cloth, and then proceed to the fight with Ikki and the black saints. After that, it shows powerful enemies commanded by Ares, as well as the fights with the silver saints.

Some filler characters, like the steel saints, are presented in this saga. Here’s an idea of how they could be more useful in the series.

It is composed of 41 episodes, divided in four parts:

  • Galaxian Wars: Episodes 1-8
  • Ikki and the Black Saints: Episodes 9-15
  • Pope Ares’: Episodes 16-22 (Filler)
  • The Silver Saints: Episodes 23-41

2. Sanctuary (Episodes 42-73)

The Sanctuary Arc in Saint Seiya is a pivotal and iconic storyline in the series, comprising the battle of the Bronze Saints against the formidable Gold Saints within the Twelve Temples.

As the Bronze Saints, led by Seiya, strive to protect the goddess Athena from her demise, they face the ultimate test of their strength and determination, reaching the 7th sense in combate.

Each of the Twelve Temples corresponds to a zodiac sign, and within these sacred grounds, the Bronze Saints encounter the powerful Gold Saints, each a guardian of their respective temple.

3. Asgard (Filler, Episodes 74-99)

The Asgard Arc in Saint Seiya is a well-known filler storyline, meaning it’s not directly adapted from the original manga but was created for the anime. However, Asgard is presented in the Soul of Gold anime, meaning it is somehow canon in the anime chronology.

Although not part of the main manga plot, this arc has garnered immense popularity among fans and is widely regarded as a beloved addition to the series. I did an article explaining how it could be better.

The Asgard Arc introduces a new set of god-like warriors and deities in a storyline that takes the Bronze Saints to the frozen landscapes of Asgard to defend the realm from an imminent threat. It is inspired in norse mythology.

4. Poseidon (Episodes 100-114)

The Poseidon Saga in Saint Seiya is a thrilling storyline that follows the Sanctuary and Asgard arcs. In this arc, the Bronze Saints face their next cosmic adversary, Poseidon, the sea god, and his emissaries. The stakes are higher than ever as Poseidon seeks to flood the world to cleanse it of humanity’s sins.

The Bronze Saints, led by Seiya, must confront the seven mighty Marina Generals, each representing a sea deity. It’s short, but has glorious moments!

5. Hades (OVA, Episodes 115-145)

The Hades Saga in Saint Seiya is the pinnacle of the series, known for its intense, dark, and emotionally charged storyline.

This arc unfolds after the Poseidon Saga and revolves around the god of the underworld, Hades, as he awakens and attempts to seize control of the world. The Bronze Saints face their most formidable challenge yet.

The Hades Saga is notable for its profound exploration of the themes of death, destiny, and sacrifice. It delves deeply into the complex history and connections between the characters.

6. Heaven Chapter – Overture (Technically not Canon, Movie)

The “Heaven Chapter: Overture” movie in the Saint Seiya series, initially considered canon, it had a more profound story. 

However, the movie’s canonical status has been a subject of debate among fans and the series’ creator, Masami Kurumada. Click here to watch a full article about it.

As the manga and later adaptations, like “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension,” introduced different interpretations of the storyline, the “Heaven Chapter: Overture” has become somewhat disconnected from the official continuity, making it non-canon.

Did you know that Saint Seiya has many movies, but none of them are canon? Click here for a full guide about the canonicity of the movies.

Order to Watch Saint Seiya (with Spin-offs)

For a detailed guide on the recommended viewing order for the Saint Seiya anime series, including insights on which arcs to start with and how to navigate the various spin-offs, check out our comprehensive article.

Discover the ideal sequence to experience the epic adventures of Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints, and ensure you don’t miss any of the captivating storylines within this iconic anime franchise.

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