Are Saint Seiya Movies Canon?

Many people wonder if the Saint Seiya movies are canon. Today, you’ll understand all of this!

None of the Saint Seiya movies are considered canon. The only exception was “Heaven Chapter: Overture,” which was initially considered canon as it was supervised by the series creator, Masami Kurumada. However, he later abandoned the canonicity of “Heaven Chapter: Overture” and instead shifted his focus to “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension,” a manga series he authored.

This change in canonicity was a significant development in the Saint Seiya universe, as it meant that the events and storylines from the movie were no longer considered an integral part of the official continuity.

“Next Dimension” became the designated source for expanding the original Saint Seiya story and addressing unanswered questions.

Fans of the franchise often recognize this shift in canon and rely on the manga and original anime as the primary sources for the official story. Check a whole explanation if Heaven Chapter Overture is canon.

Are the first 4 Movies of Saint Seiya Canon?

here’s a concise summary emphasizing the non-canonical status of each of the four Saint Seiya movies:

  1. Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris (1987): The first Saint Seiya movie, featuring a storyline where the Bronze Saints battle the evil goddess Eris. Not part of the official series canon.
  2. Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods (1988): The second movie, with the Bronze Saints facing off against the Norse god Loki. It exists outside the primary series canon.
  3. Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth (1988): The third film in the series, focusing on the return of the god Abel. Like other movies, it’s not considered canon within the Saint Seiya universe.
  4. Saint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle (1989): The fourth and final movie introducing the fallen angel Lucifer, which also stands apart from the official storyline and is not canon.

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Is Heaven Chapter – Overture Canon?

“Heaven Chapter – Overture” was initially considered canon in the Saint Seiya series, supervised by creator Masami Kurumada.

However, Kurumada later abandoned its canonicity, and “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension” became the new source for expanding the official story.

Therefore, “Heaven Chapter – Overture” is no longer considered canon within the Saint Seiya continuity, as its status was changed to accommodate the ongoing developments and storytelling in “Next Dimension.”

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Is Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary Canon?

“Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary” is not considered canon within the original Saint Seiya storyline. It is a reboot of the series, offering an alternative interpretation of the classic narrative.

The movie reimagines the events and character relationships, deviating from the established canon in both the manga and the original anime series.

While it introduces the core elements of Saint Seiya, it exists as a separate, non-canonical adaptation, and its storyline is distinct from the primary continuity.

Overall, the Saint Seiya series is very famous and inspired many of today’s pop culture. Being inspired by classic books and mythologies, it keeps being very important nowadays.

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