Saint Seiya: All Shows [Watch Order Guide]

This comprehensive watch order guide unveils the intricacies of each Saint Seiya series, Spin-Off, and movie, allowing you to navigate the cosmos alongside legendary Saints.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer, this guide will illuminate the path to experiencing the epic sagas in the optimal sequence.

This guide ir largely based on this Reddit guide here.

1. Saint Seiya: Galaxian Wars Saga (TV)

Kicking off “Saint Seiya,” the Galaxian Wars Arc brings cosmic battles to the forefront. It’s broken into sub-arcs, giving us intense clashes like The Black Saints and Pope Ares’ Minions.

Amid epic quests, this arc introduces us to the saints, laying the foundation for the grand adventure that unfolds in the series. See here who are all of the 88 saints.

  • Galaxian Wars: TV Series episodes 1-8
  • The Black Saints: TV Series episodes 9-15
  • Pope Ares’ Minions: TV Series episodes 16-22 (Filler Arc)
  • The Silver Saints: TV Series episodes 23-41 (33, 34 and 35 are Filler)

2. Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris (Movie)

“Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris” leads fans on a non-canon escapade that’s definitely worth a watch. With an alternate storyline, it brings in Eris, a wicked deity, giving the Bronze Saints a challenge.

This intriguing detour from the main plot adds a cool twist, injecting new thrills into the beloved “Saint Seiya” world.

3. Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Saga (TV)

Get ready for the big one—the Sanctuary Arc, probably the most famous in all of Saint Seiya. It’s a wild ride, no doubt about it.

Sure, there’s some filler stuff, but honestly, would you really want to miss out, especially when this arc is the cream of the crop? Click here to know who’s the strongest Gold Saint.

  • Sanctuary Arc: TV Series Episodes 42-73 (54, 55 and 64 are Filler)

4. Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of Gods (Movie)

Now let’s talk about the Second Movie, where you’ll catch a glimpse of Norse mythology. It’s not canon, meaning it’s not part of the official story. But why not give it a shot? It inspired the Asgard saga.

5. Saint Seiya: Asgard Saga (TV)

Time for the third major arc: Asgard, diving deep into Norse mythology. Sure, it’s filler, but it’s seriously one of the most beloved arcs, regardless of its filler status.

Trust me, this one’s worth a watch, boasting fantastic storytelling, characters, and epic battles – and even some of the best moments in the whole series.

  • Asgard Arc: TV Series 74-99 (It’s filler, but worth to watch)

6. Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth (Movie)

Moving on, we’ve got the third movie, another Non-Canon gem. It’s tricky: the end of Asgard Saga is tied in the beggining of the Poseidon Saga, but I think it’s better to watch the movie between them. However, you could also watch it after the Poseidon Saga.

Trust me, it’s among the finest in the Saint Seiya collection. Probably my favourite movie of them all.

7. Saint Seiya: Poseidon Saga (TV)

Let’s dive into the Fourth big arc: the Poseidon Arc. No fillers to worry about, and this saga has fewer episodes than the previous, but it’s pretty good too.

  • Poseidon Arc: TV Series 100-114

8. Saint Seiya: Warrior of the Final Holy Battle (Movie)

And yes, there’s more movie excitement! After Poseidon’s Fourth Big arc, enjoy the last movie, featuring none other than Lucifer as the main villain. Remember, it’s non-canon, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying them. This one is very good too.

9. Saint Seiya: Hades Saga (OVA)

This is the grand finale of the series: the Hades Arc. This arc unfolds in three captivating sub-arcs: Hades Chapter Sanctuary, Hades Chapter Inferno, and Hades Chapter Elysion. It has some of the best moment in the series.

This saga is divided in three parts:

  • Hades Chapter Sanctuary: Episodes 115-127
  • Hades Chapter Inferno: Episodes 128-139
  • Hades Chapter Elysion: Episodes 140-145

10. Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (ONA)

Time for the inaugural Spin-Off, “Saint Seiya Soul of Gold.” Here, the spotlight’s on the Gold Saints, with the story aligning to the Hades Arc’s last sub-arc, Hades Chapter Elysion.

To dodge spoilers, consider saving it for after the full Hades Arc o. With 13 episodes, Soul of Gold is a brief but complete experience. Click here to read a review.

  • Soul of Gold: 13 Episodes

11. Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter Overture (Movie)

Last but not least, we arrive at the Fifth Movie. Initially deemed the Canon sequel after the Hades Arc, it later became Non-Canon due to Kurumada’s dissatisfaction with the overall plot.

Don’t hesitate to give it a go; it marks the ultimate wrap-up of the original Saint Seiya anime and it’s good to imaginate what could be the direction of Saint Seiya.

12. Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas (Anime)

Next up in the Spin-Off lineup is “Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas.” This takes us to the prior Holy War, predating the original Saint Seiya events, but unfortunately it is not canon.

 Expect new characters reminiscent of the old crew. Widely cherished by fans, it’s definitely worth a watch. The manga wraps up, but regrettably, the anime’s left unfinished, totaling 26 episodes split over 2 Seasons.

  • Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas: 26 Episodes (not finished, continues in the manga)

13. Saintia Sho (ONA)

The next Spin-Off, “Saint Seiya Saintia Sho,” spotlights a fresh crew—Saintias, female Saints dedicated to guarding Athena. Click here to read a review for the anime.

Coinciding with the original anime’s timeline, this series is in tandem. Although the manga continues, the anime’s left Unfinished, lacking news of a continuation. “Saint Seiya Saintia Sho” covers 10 episodes.

14. Saint Seiya Omega (TV)

Our third Spin-Off, “Saint Seiya Omega,” unfolds years after the original anime’s events. With fresh faces and familiar ones from the original series, it offers a new narrative. The anime is fully wrapped up, spanning 97 episodes over 2 Seasons. Click here to read a review about this anime.

  • Saint Seiya Omega: 77 episodes.

15. Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (CGI Movie)

Let’s shift focus to the CGI Movie, “Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary,” which could be seen as Movie 6. This film puts its unique spin on the renowned Sanctuary Arc’s tale, hence its Non-Canon status. Its reception was mixed, but it’s still worth watching.

16. Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (GCI Series)

Finally, let’s explore the CGI Remake, “Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac.” While it echoes the original anime’s events, distinct variations render it a Non-Canon Remake.

Comprising 12 episodes in a single season, split across 2 parts, it’s an Ongoing series with Season 2 confirmed but pending distribution.

  • Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac: 12 episodes (Ongoing)

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