Who Killed Saga in Saint Seiya?

Saga’s last moments are marked by purification, seeking forgiveness for his malevolent deeds.

Saga in Saint Seiya was killed by a combined effort of the Bronze Saints. Despite surviving, Saga’s inner conflict surfaced. Controlling one arm, his good personality seized Athena’s scepter, mortally piercing himself. Purified in his final moments, Saga died seeking Athena’s forgiveness for the atrocities he committed, passing away in her arms.

In Saint Seiya, Saga’s demise unfolds as Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, and Ikki unleash a collective assault, their combined cosmos proving initially futile.

Athena intervenes as Saga, torn between good and evil, launches a final attack. In a poignant twist, Saga’s benevolent side seizes control, grasping Athena’s scepter and mortally impaling himself. Click here to know who killed Deathmask in Saint Seiya.

Saga succumbs to the mortal blow, dying in Athena’s embrace. The narrative underscores the complex duality within Saga, concluding with a tragic yet redemptive sacrifice and a plea for absolution from the goddess he once betrayed.

Saga x Seiya’s Initial Confrontation

Saga commends Seiya for reaching him, but Seiya swiftly strikes him in the face. Saga reveals his inability to harm Athena and guides Seiya on targeting Athena’s shield. A sudden personality change starts to affect Saga.

Saga’s transformation intensifies, with grey hair and red eyes, as he discloses his plan to challenge the gods.

Seiya damages Saga’s Pope clothes, prompting the summoning of the Gemini Gold Cloth, exposing his true identity. An initial attack is interrupted by Saga’s good side, saving Seiya.

Saga, dominated by his evil side, vows to deprive Seiya of his senses. Seiya counters with Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, but Saga retaliates. Click here to know who killed Aldebaran in Saint Seiya.

Unexpectedly, the Gemini Gold Cloth’s faces show signs of distress. Saga justifies his actions as necessary to protect the world from other gods.

As Saga is about to finish Seiya, Phoenix Ikki intervenes, distracting Saga. Seiya, guided by Athena, attempts to direct Athena’s shield, but Saga interferes, causing a violent reaction.

Ikki reappears to protect Seiya, initiating a fierce battle where Saga displays relentless attacks and sensory deprivation. Click here to know who Aphrodite in Saint Seiya.

Saga’s Redemption and Sacrifice

Athena, joined by Bronze and Gold Saints, attacks Saga collectively, but their efforts prove futile. Athena intervenes as the Golden Saints prepare to strike. Saga, stubbornly challenging Athena, launches an attack but is unexpectedly interrupted by his good personality.

In a final act of purification, Saga’s good persona takes control, sacrificing himself by piercing his chest with Athena’s scepter.

He dies in Athena’s arms, seeking forgiveness for his past misdeeds. The saga concludes with Saga’s redemption and ultimate sacrifice for the goddess he once betrayed. Click here to know who killed Albafica in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas.

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