Who killed Aldebaran in Saint Seiya?

In the Hades Chapter of Saint Seiya, Aldebaran, the formidable Taurus Saint, met his death by a Hades specter.

Aldebaran, the Taurus Saint in Saint Seiya, met his demise at the hands of Niobe, a spectre of Hades. Mu, witnessing Aldebaran’s death, retaliated with the last of Aldebaran’s cosmo. Despite being attacked by Niobe, Mu defended himself and revealed that Aldebaran had already dealt a fatal blow to Niobe.

Mu, discovering Aldebaran’s demise, harnessed the last remnants of his fallen comrade’s cosmo to confront Niobe. Despite Niobe’s assault, Mu skillfully defended himself with the “Crystal Wall.” Discover who killed Shion in Saint Seiya here!

Remarkably, Aldebaran’s Great Horn had already fatally struck Niobe, rendering him oblivious to his impending demise. Grateful for Aldebaran’s sacrificial act, Mu, with a profound sense of duty, pledged to safeguard Athena.

The poignant sequence highlighted the selflessness and camaraderie inherent in the Saints’ battle against the forces of darkness. Click here to know who killed Camus in Saint Seiya

Niobe: Aldebaran’s Killer

Niobe, a menacing Specter, infiltrated the Sanctuary on the orders of Radamanthys de Wyvern. Parting ways with the initial group of invaders, Niobe confronted and triumphed over Aldebaran of Taurus, claiming the Taurus Temple as a battleground for new adversaries.

Mu of Aries arrived later, discovering Niobe, revealing the invasion included not only Renegade Knights but authentic Hades Specters as well. Niobe, asserting the Renegades’ role as guides, faced Mu’s mockery. Discover who killed Deathmask in Saint Seiya here.

Enraged, Niobe unleashed his paralyzing Deep Fragrance attack, only to be thwarted by Mu’s Crystal Wall. Defeated, Niobe learned of Aldebaran’s prior victory, leading to his own demise through the Great Horn’s impact, leaving Mu to exit the Taurus Temple.

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