Who Killed Shion in Saint Seiya?

Shion is one of the most powerful gold saints, but who was able to kill such a strong warrior? Today, you’ll find out!

In the classic anime, Aries Shion met his demise after discovering Gemini Saga’s dark side. Saga, upon learning that his evil persona was exposed, killed Shion. Then, Saga turned himself into the next great Pope, who is portraited as Ares in the anime.

This event added depth to the storyline, illustrating the repercussions of uncovering hidden truths and influencing the plot’s progression. Check here who’s the strongest Gold Saint in the series.

Who is Aries Shion?

Aries Shion is a significant character in the Saint Seiya anime and manga series. As the original Grand Pope of Sanctuary, he holds a prominent role in the series. Shion’s backstory is intertwined with the Holy War from the 1800s, where he stood as one of the few survivors.

Notably, he trained Aries Mu, who eventually succeeded him as the Aries Gold Cloth bearer. Shion’s unique heritage ties him to the lost continent of Lemuria (also known as Mu), granting him an extended lifespan of over two centuries.

His enduring friendship with Libra Dohko, the lone surviving saint of their generation, is a recurring element, reflecting their shared experiences and enduring bond within the Saint Seiya universe. He’s a key character in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (check an anime review clicking here!)

Saga/Ares as the new Great Pope

n the Saint Seiya series, Gemini Saga takes on the role of the Great Pope after the original Grand Pope, Aries Shion, is killed. This transition occurs as a result of Saga’s dual personality.

On the surface, he appears as a noble and respected Gold Saint of Gemini, but his darker and malevolent side, the persona of the villainous Pope, is hidden deep within.

Saga’s ascension to the role of the Great Pope allows him to exert significant influence over the Sanctuary and the Gold Saints, and it plays a crucial part in the series’ plot.

His deceptive and manipulative nature as the new Great Pope creates tension and conflict within the ranks of the Sanctuary, setting the stage for many dramatic events in the Saint Seiya storyline. Click here to know more about the Great Pope figure.

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