Who is the Pope in Saint Seiya?

A key role in the Saint Seiya franchise is the figure of the Great Pope. Today, you’ll know a little more about him!

In the Saint Seiya franchise, the Pope is a character who serves as the human representative of the goddess Athena. The Pope is also known as the Great Master in many countries. In the original Saint Seiya anime and manga, the Pope is Saga, who impersonates the previous Pope, Shion, for 13 years.

It is worth noting that the Pope is a recurring character in the Saint Seiya franchise, and different characters have held the title throughout the series.

The Role of the Great Pope

The title of “Pope” is a distinctive position within various organizations, notably the Roman Catholic Church, where it is synonymous with the Bishop of Rome and the spiritual leader of the worldwide Catholic community.

However, it’s crucial to understand that the term “Pope” can also have different meanings in other contexts. In Saint Seiya, the Pope serves as the spiritual leader of the Sanctuary of Athena, and the role is not a lifelong appointment but one that’s passed down from one individual to another across generations.

This dynamic is not unique to Saint Seiya and can be seen in various mythologies, historical narratives, and fictional works, where a specific title or role is inherited by different people over time, each carrying their unique characteristics and contributions. Check the main Mythology and Religion refferences in Saint Seiya here.

In this context, the title of “Pope” symbolizes a lineage of spiritual leaders, each tasked with safeguarding the Sanctuary and upholding its principles in their respective eras.

Shion: The True Great Pope

Shion is Aries Mu’s master and the previous Aries gold saint. He had previously survived the war against Hades, which was a monumental conflict involving powerful gods and warriors. Following the war’s conclusion, he took on the mantle of the Great Pope, a position of high authority within the Sanctuary of Athena.

However, a shocking turn of events occurred when it was revealed that Saga, one of the Gold Saints, had impersonated Shion. Check who is the strongest gold saint here.

Saga’s impersonation was a cunning ruse, and he ultimately killed Shion, taking on the role of the Great Pope while concealing his true identity.

Shion’s character represents resilience and dedication to the cause of protecting Athena and the Sanctuary, while his unfortunate demise at the hands of Saga marks a significant turning point in the series.

Saga: The False Great Pope

n the original Saint Seiya anime and manga series, an intriguing plot twist unfolds as it is revealed that the character Saga assumes the role of the Pope within the Sanctuary of Athena. This deceptive act involves Saga impersonating the previous Pope, Shion, for a staggering period of 13 years.

This twist is central to the storyline and introduces a complex web of intrigue and deceit. Saga, one of the main antagonists in the series, uses this guise as a means to manipulate the events within the Sanctuary and further his nefarious goals.

The identity swap not only adds a layer of mystery and tension to the narrative but also highlights the morally ambiguous nature of certain characters within the Saint Seiya universe, making it a pivotal element in the series’ intricate and multifaceted plot.

The Great Pope in Saint Seiya Omega

n the Saint Seiya Omega series, the character known as the Pope initially presents himself as Mars, a formidable antagonist with dark ambitions.

However, as the story unfolds, a significant plot twist occurs when it is revealed that he is not Mars at all; instead, he is Pallas’ father. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, as it uncovers the true identity and motivations of this enigmatic character.

It turns out that his actions and goals are deeply intertwined with his daughter Pallas, the series’ central character, and her quest for power.

This twist highlights the intricate family dynamics and underlying themes of familial bonds and responsibilities in the series, contributing to a more nuanced portrayal of the Pope’s character and the overarching storyline in Saint Seiya Omega. Read a review about Saint Seiya Omega here.

Great Pope: a Christian Refference

Within the context of the story, the Great Pope holds a position of leadership within the Sanctuary organization and wields considerable influence.

It’s worth noting that although the title “Great Pope” may conjure associations with religious authority, the series’ portrayal is not a direct parallel to the Catholic Church or its hierarchy.

In “Saint Seiya,” the Sanctuary represents an ancient and mystical organization with the primary mission of safeguarding the goddess Athena.

While religious terminology like “Pope” may be employed for its authoritative connotations, the series does not offer direct commentary on the Catholic Church or Christianity. Check other christian refferences in Saint Seiya here.

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