Andromeda Shun: 7 Facts + All you Need to Know

Discover the essence of Andromeda Shun, the iconic Bronze Saint from “Saint Seiya,” in this comprehensive guide.

Uncover 7 intriguing facts that delve into Shun’s character, his unique abilities, and his role in the epic cosmic battles.

From his zodiac alignment to his journey within the Sanctuary, explore all the essential details about Andromeda Shun.

1. Is Shun the Strongest Saint?

In the world of Saint Seiya, fans often discuss who the strongest Bronze Saint is, and Shun is a key part of these debates.

Even though Shun is a peaceful character, his Nebula Chain technique is super powerful, making him a strong contender for the title of the strongest Bronze Saint. However, when comparing the main Bronze Saints, Ikki is often seen as the strongest due to his consistent power and smart strategies, with Seiya coming in second.

Seiya, the main character, is strong too, known for his excellent fighting skills and strong determination. Check all of the strongest saints in the anime here.

Shiryu is next in line, praised for his impressive techniques and willingness to work as a team player. Hyoga’s strength is sometimes underestimated, mainly because of his kind nature.

So, the ranking of the Bronze Saints from strongest to weakest can vary depending on personal opinions. Shun’s unique abilities, especially the Nebula Chain, add an interesting twist to these discussions about strength in the Saint Seiya universe.

2. Is Andromeda Shun a Boy or a Girl?

Andromeda Shun is one of the most well-known characters in Saint Seiya. But is Shun a man or a woman?

In the original anime and manga series “Saint Seiya,” Andromeda Shun is indeed portrayed as a male character. Shun has traditionally been characterized as having a kind and gentle personality, which many people think is a female trait, but that doesn’t make him a female. However, in the Netflix Adaptation, Shun is portrayed as a girl.

Shun is one of the Bronze Saints, dedicated warriors who protect the goddess Athena. While, he is depicted as a male character and often avoids conflicts.

However, in the Netflix series titled “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac,” which is a modern adaptation of the original source material, Shun was reimagined as a female character, breaking away from the traditional portrayal.

This gender swap was met with a mixed response from fans, as it was a departure from the original story. Click here to know more about the series Knights of the Zodiac.

3. Shun doesn’t like to fight

In the anime and manga series “Saint Seiya,” Shun is one of the main characters and a Bronze Saint, known for his kind and gentle nature.

Unlike many other warriors in the series, Shun possesses a deep aversion to violence and does not enjoy fighting. This characteristic makes him somewhat unique among the Saint Seiya warriors, as most of them are known for their combat prowess and warrior spirit.

Despite being a skilled and capable warrior, he often avoids taking the lives of his enemies whenever possible

 Shun’s reluctance to kill is rooted in his compassionate and empathetic nature. He values life and seeks to protect others without resorting to lethal force if it can be avoided.

But despite his reluctance to engage in combat, Shun remains committed to protecting Athena and her ideals, often putting himself in harm’s way to ensure the safety of others. Check the 5 best Andromeda Shun fights.

4. Why didn’t Shun fight Scorpio Milo?

In the “Saint Seiya” series, Scorpio Milo, one of the Gold Saints serving the Greek goddess Athena, destroys the Andromeda Island and kill Shun’s master.

Later in the Sanctuary Arc, during the battle in the Twelve Temples, Shun finds himself incapacitated and unconscious after using his powers to heal his fellow Bronze Saint, Hyoga, in the Libra House. In Shun’s absence, Hyoga steps up to face Scorpio Milo in battle.

While it would have been emotionally satisfying for Shun to personally confront Scorpio Milo and avenge his master’s island, circumstances prevented him from doing so at that particular moment. Click here to know everything about the Twelve Houses in Saint Seiya.

5. Leda and Spice: Shun’s Filler Companions

Leda and Spica issued the last trial for Andromeda Shun before he headed to the Sanctuary to confront the Gold Saints

Leda and Spica served as Shun’s training companions in the Andromeda Island in the anime. Despite their significant role in the training process, it’s important to note that they are filler characters. They battle Shun to regain their reputation as saints.

Despite not having specific constellations, they assumed the roles of Bronze Saints, both donning armors with chains resembling Andromeda’s. Click here to know all of the filler characters in Saint Seiya.

Together, they launched the Nebula Double Chain attack, briefly immobilizing Shun without his armor. However, he easily overcame them in the end, suggesting that they might be at a Bronze Level.

The battle with Shun was likely an attempt for them to restore their reputation as Saints, especially after Scorpio Milo destroyed Andromeda Island, tarnishing their standing.

6. Chameleon June: Shun’s love Interest

Chameleon Chune is a 20th-century Bronze Saint and a former training companion of Andromeda Shun. Trained on the Island of Andromeda with him.

Despite her strong and intimidating appearance, June reveals a kindness and special affection for Shun. This affection developed while they trained together on the Island of Andromeda. While Shun’s feelings are not explicitly reciprocated, the narrative underscores June’s significance as a meaningful character in Andromeda’s journey.

In their encounter at the port, June shares the tragic news of the destruction of the Island of Andromeda by Scorpio Milo. She tries to prevent him from facing the Sanctuary, using her whip to stop him.

Despite Shun’s refusal to fight, June is defeated by him. Later, Leda and Spica, other disciples of Albiore, appear, revealing their intention to kill Shun as a sacrifice to appease the Sanctuary’s anger.

During the subsequent battle, June tries to help Shun but is attacked by Leda and rendered incapacitated. Nevertheless, Shun overcomes the challenges and defeats his opponents. June, still unconscious, is taken to the Kido Mansion to recover.

7. Shun will be the Virgo gold saint after Shaka

In the context of “Saint Seiya,” the Virgo Gold Cloth is associated with the Virgo zodiac sign, and the bearer of this cloth is considered one of the most powerful and wise Gold Saints. 

As Shun is a Virgo, it is suggested that he is predestined to succeed Shaka as the wielder of the Virgo Cloth. This succession is based on the astrological order and the inherent connection between the Bronze Saints and their corresponding Gold Saints, who share the same zodiac signs.

In the Saint Seiya storyline, the alignment of the characters with their respective zodiac signs often plays a crucial role in determining their destinies and the progression of the narrative.

Therefore, the idea that Shun, as a Virgo, may be predestined to succeed Shaka in wielding the Virgo Cloth adds a layer of astrological significance to the character’s journey and potential future roles in the series. Click here to know about Shaka’s religion.

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