Saint Seiya: Twelve Temples Explained

The Twelve Temples, also known as the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac, play a crucial role in the Saint Seiya universe.

These temples serve as a formidable barrier that must be traversed by anyone seeking to reach the Temple of Athena.

Guarded by the formidable Gold Saints, each temple corresponds to a specific astrological sign, creating a formidable obstacle for those who wish to advance.

The Structure of the Temples

The Twelve Temples exhibit a unique architectural blend, incorporating styles such as Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Each temple proudly displays the symbol of its respective zodiac sign at the entrance.

In the Omega series, these temples face destruction by Mars using the power of Aria, only to be rebuilt and renamed as the “New Twelve Temples.”

Only Gold Saints have the privilege of freely moving within the temple complex, while lower-ranked Saints are tasked with guarding the periphery. This article was inspired by this page).

Individual Temples and their Protectors

1. Aries Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Mu
    The Aries Temple, featuring a distinctive roof in the Amrud dome style, is the first obstacle on the path. In Saint Seiya Omega, this temple even houses a garden. Mu stands as the guardian of this temple.

2. Taurus Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Aldebaran
    The Taurus Temple boasts a sculpture of a bull’s head and thick Doric columns. Taurus is the guardian of this majestic temple.

3. Gemini Temple

4. Cancer Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Deathmask
    The Cancer Temple, known as the gateway to the underworld, is adorned with human skulls. Deathmask, its protector, sends intruders to the Yomotsu Hirasaka.

5. Leo Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Aiolia
    The Leo Temple features menacing lion statues and smooth columns. Aiolia, the fierce Gold Saint, safeguards this temple.

6. Virgo Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Shaka
    With two Buddha statues at its entrance, the Virgo Temple houses a meditative area. Shaka meditates in the center, serving as its guardian.

7. Libra Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Dohko
    The Libra Temple, resembling a pagoda, is guarded by Dohko. The polygonal design and central tower give it a unique appearance.

8. Scorpio Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Milo
    Featuring a scorpion motif, the Scorpio Temple has thorns and a two-story castle in Saint Seiya Omega. Milo guards this temple with dedication.

9. Ophiuchus Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Odisseus
    The Ophiuchus Temple appears in the PlayStation 2 game, guarded by Shaina. In Next Dimension, it rises again under the protection of Odisseus.

10. Sagittarius Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Aiolos
    A centaur statue graces the entrance of the Sagittarius Temple. It holds the testament of Aiolos, and Aiolos himself guards this temple.

11. Capricorn Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Shura
    The Capricorn Temple, featuring a statue of Athena, is guarded by Shura. Shura prevents other Gold Saints from fighting within this sacred space.

12. Aquarius Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Camus
    The smallest of the temples, the Aquarius Temple, has a unique appearance with smooth-textured columns. Camus guards this temple with unwavering resolve.

13. Pisces Temple

  • Guardian Saint: Aphrodite
    The final obstacle, the Pisces Temple, features columns on platforms and twin fish statues. Aphrodite guards this temple known as the Temple of Twin Fish.

The Journey’s End: The Temple of Athena

The culmination of the Twelve Temples leads to the Temple of Athena. This sacred place houses the statue of Athena and Niké, the goddess of victory. Interestingly, the statue is, in reality, the dormant armor of Athena.

The Pope, the highest-ranking figure in the Sanctuary, has the privilege of residing here and interacting with Athena. The Temple of Athena is the symbolic heart of the Sanctuary and the ultimate destination for any Saint seeking to protect justice and honor.

In summary, the Twelve Temples serve not only as a physical obstacle but also as a testament to the strength and dedication of the Gold Saints who protect them.

Each temple reflects the unique characteristics of its respective guardian, creating a diverse and challenging journey for any Saint venturing through the Twelve Temples of the Zodiac.

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