Saint Seiya Next Dimension: MANGA Review

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension is the canon sequel for Kurumada’s classic, but is it any good? Check the text below to know more!

I’ll review it based on the story, characters and artwork, finishing with a conclusion and the overall rating.


Next Dimension’s story, though captivating, is not without narrative shortcomings. One prominent flaw lies in its tendency to repetitively follow the format of ascending the twelve houses, reminiscent of the original Saint Seiya storyline.

This recurrence may be perceived as a lack of creative divergence, potentially leading to a sense of predictability for seasoned fans.

The narrative could benefit from a more innovative and unpredictable approach, breaking free from the established formula to deliver fresh and unexpected plot developments. Check the classic Saint Seiya manga review.

While the allure of revisiting familiar elements can be nostalgic, it risks becoming formulaic, potentially hindering the series’ capacity to surprise and engage its audience.

Striking a balance between homage to the original and introducing novel story arcs could enhance the overall narrative appeal and offer a more dynamic and compelling experience for both new and dedicated Saint Seiya enthusiasts.


Saint Seiya: Next Dimension showcases a noticeable stagnation in character design, with a perceived lack of improvement over time. The artwork appears dated, lacking the refinement seen in contemporary manga.

Kurumada’s character designs seem to have maintained a consistent style without evolving to meet modern expectations or artistic trends. However, amidst these observations, the brilliance of the Cloth designs stands out as a redeeming quality.

The intricate details, symbolic motifs, and overall craftsmanship of the Cloths remain a testament to Kurumada’s enduring ability to create visually striking and iconic elements within the Saint Seiya universe.

While the characters may not have experienced a significant visual upgrade, the enduring excellence in Cloth design preserves the series’ unique aesthetic appeal and contributes to the timeless allure of the Saint Seiya saga. Click here to read a Saint Seiya Episode G manga review here.


In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, the enduring strength lies in its characters, serving as the series’ most compelling and captivating aspect. Despite potential criticisms in other aspects of the manga, the characters remain the true driving force behind its appeal.

The depth of character development, intricate relationships, and the complex emotions woven into their stories contribute to a rich and immersive experience for readers.

The iconic Saint Seiya characters, with their distinct personalities, motivations, and struggles, continue to resonate with fans, maintaining the emotional core of the series. Check who’s the strongest character in Saint Seiya here.


Saint Seiya: Next Dimension’s slow serialization pace has proven to be a significant deterrent for readers, leading to frustration and disengagement.

The repetition of a familiar arc structure further compounds this issue, contributing to a sense of monotony for long-time fans.

The desire for a fresh narrative direction, particularly one exploring the highly anticipated Zeus Saga, remains unfulfilled, leaving a yearning for more innovative storytelling.

While Next Dimension has its merits, it falls short of its potential. Considering alternative sequels like Lost Canvas and Heaven Chapter Overture, which offer unique perspectives and narrative trajectories, exacerbates the perceived shortcomings of Next Dimension.

These alternatives may have provided a more satisfying continuation for the Saint Seiya universe. Click here to know why Heaven Chapter Overture is not canon!

In light of these considerations, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension earns a modest 6/10 rating. The slow serialization, repetitive structure, and missed opportunities for a more compelling narrative contribute to an overall sense of unfulfilled potential within the series.

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