Who Killed Shura in Saint Seiya?

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During the Sanctuary Arc in Saint Seiya, Shiryu, the resolute Dragon Saint, faced off against Shura, the formidable Capricorn Gold Saint.

In the Sanctuary Arc of Saint Seiya, Shiryu, the Dragon Saint, confronted Shura, the Capricorn Gold Saint. Despite Shura’s formidable skills, Shiryu unleashed his ultimate technique, the Rozan Shoryuha, fatally defeating Shura. 

Undeterred by Shura’s relentless attacks, Shiryu tapped into his inner strength, unleashing the devastating Rozan Shoryuha. Click here to know who killed Shion in Saint Seiya.

The powerful technique overwhelmed Shura, leading to his ultimate demise. This pivotal clash highlighted Shiryu’s unwavering determination and the depth of his commitment to protecting the Sanctuary.

Shiryu x Shura

In the climactic battle between Shiryu and Shura during the Sanctuary Arc in Saint Seiya, Shura, the Capricorn Gold Saint, initially doubted Saori’s authenticity as Athena.

However, as the confrontation unfolded, Shura recognized the truth and acknowledged Saori as the true Athena. Shiryu, the indomitable Dragon Saint, unleashed the fearsome Rozan Shoryuha, a technique with a price – rendering him temporarily blind.

Seizing the moment, Shura, moved by newfound respect, saved Shiryu from the aftermath of his own attack. Click here to know who killed Camus in Saint Seiya.

This unexpected act of compassion showcased the complexities of the Saints’ relationships and the underlying unity in their mission to protect Athena, ultimately contributing to the broader narrative of camaraderie amidst the battles within the sacred Sanctuary.

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