Gemini Saga: 7 Facts + All you Need to Know

Embark on an exploration of Gemini Saga’s character in the Saint Seiya universe with this article.

With seven intriguing facts, it delves into aspects such as his unique ability to control armor remotely, mastery in illusion manipulation, and control over space-time dimensions.

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1. Is Saga Good or Bad in Saint Seiya?

Despite being a tough opponent for the heroes, Saga struggles with his inner demons. The story reveals that he has this split personality, and he fights against his dark side.

In Saint Seiya, Saga has two sides to his personality – one good and one bad. In the Sanctuary Arc, he’s the main bad guy but manages to resist killing Athena. Later, in the Hades Arc, he gets a chance for redemption. Despite being a tough opponent for the heroes, Saga struggles with his inner demons.

The story reveals that he has this split personality, and he fights against his dark side. This inner conflict makes Saga a more interesting and complex character.

So, even though he starts as a villain, he eventually tries to make up for the wrong things he did, showing that people can change for the better. Click here to know who killed Saga in Saint Seiya.

2. Which Saint Killed Athena in Saint Seiya?

Saga, under the control of Hades, transports Athena’s soul to the Underworld to engage in a fierce battle against Hades himself.

In the Hades Arc of “Saint Seiya,” Saga, influenced by the malevolent deity Hades, commits a shocking act: he kills Athena, the goddess he had previously sworn to protect. However, this seemingly heinous act is part of a complex plan.

It’s a desperate strategy to confront the greater threat and fulfill his duty as a protector.

Ultimately, Saga’s actions in the Hades Arc reveal the intricate interplay between light and darkness, duty and corruption within the intricate tapestry of the “Saint Seiya” narrative.

3. Saga is capable of hurting a God

Notably, the narrative emphasizes the incredible and overwhelming power of Saga’s attack, forcing even a deity to take defensive measures.

In Episode G, a canonical installment in the “Saint Seiya” series, Saga demonstrates the capability to harm a god, specifically Cronos. Using his Galaxian Explosion, Saga showcases this technique as the most destructive and powerful among the Gold Saints and, consequently, the Athena Saints.

The Galaxian Explosion proves so formidable that even Cronos, a god, seeks refuge behind a statue of Athena to avoid its devastating effects. Check all of the titans in Saint Seiya here.

4. Design Differences: manga x Anime

There’s a slight difference between Saga’s design both in the anime and in the manga.

When Saga wore the Grand Pope’s robes, Masami Kurumada consistently depicted his face shaded by the helmet. In the anime adaptation, Kurumada’s design was retained with a slight alteration: Saga’s face was concealed by a mask, similar to those worn by characters Marin and Shaina.

This choice was made to accentuate the mystery surrounding the true identity of the Grand Pope. The mask adds an extra layer of secrecy, maintaining the enigmatic aura associated with Saga’s role as the Grand Pope. Check the main differences between the anime and manga.

5. He Weakened the Sanctuary Forces

So what was Saga’s legacy as the Great Pope? Check a complete analysis below.

Saga’s legacy was catastrophic; it resulted in severe and immeasurable damage worldwide. The war sparked by his ambitions led to significant losses for the Army of Athena, affecting soldiers, apprentices, and a substantial portion of the Silver Saints. The turmoil extended from the true Patriarch Shion to the deaths of six Gold Saints, including Saga himself.

This considerable toll weakened the defenses of the Sanctuary for future battles. To address this, the Elder Master prohibited the Gold Saints from engaging with Poseidon, emphasizing the need for all hands on deck in the impending clash against Hades.

Despite the Sea Emperor threatening to flood the Earth, the decision was made to preserve the strength of the Gold Saints for the more formidable and crucial battle against Hades. See who’s the strongest gold saint here.

6. Saga’s Redemption in the Third Movie

In the movie “The Legend of the Crimson Youth”, Gemini Saint Saga also undergoes a redemption arc. Resurrected by Abel, the God of the Sun, alongside other Gold Saints, Saga initially serves as an ally to Abel.

It is revealed that Saga’s true intention is to revive Seiya’s fighting spirit. Despite appearing defeated by Seiya’s Pegasus technique, Saga rises again when faced with Jao de Lince, one of Abel’s warriors. In a self-sacrificial act, Saga decides to take on Jao, allowing Seiya to escape.

To defeat Jao, Saga employs a suicidal variation of the Galaxian Explosion, similar to Kanon’s use in the Hades Saga, resulting in a massive explosion that leads to the simultaneous death of both saints.

Before his demise, Saga bids farewell to Seiya, urging him to hold onto hope and continue protecting the goddess Athena. This act marks a redemption for Saga as he sacrifices himself for a greater cause. Click here to know wether or not the Saint Seiya movies are canon.

7. Saga’s Main Abilities

Here’s a list of Saga main abilities:

Remote Armor Control: Saga can control his armor from a distance using his cosmos, making himself imperceptible to enemies.

Space-Time and Dimensional Control: Saga can project a parallel dimension anywhere, trapping opponents within it indefinitely. He can create openings for defense, absorb techniques, and travel long distances.

Master Illusionist: Saga creates and manipulates illusions. The illusions affect opponents’ distance perception, causing them to wander endlessly in the Gemini House.

Clairvoyance: Saga can gain visual information through non-physical means. Demonstrated when he identified Ikki as the disruptor before sending Shun to another dimension.

Mind Control: Saga can control an opponent’s brain with a mental strike, turning them into a violent puppet under his command. This ability extends to easily manipulating even Gold Saints.

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