Who Killed Hades in Saint Seiya?

In the battle against Hades, Athena manages to defeat him. Check more on how the battle went.

In the final fight against Hades, Athena refrains from killing Hades, leading Shun, Shiryu, Hyoga, and Ikki to channel their cosmos into Athena’s Victory Staff. Athena hurls the weapon into Hades, obliterating his body. Seiya falls into a coma, leaving Athena in tears alongside their friends.

Seiya and his companions reach Elysium, confronting Thanatos and Hypnos. Despite defeating the twins, Hades, drawn by Athena, manifests in his body.

Facing the five Saints, Hades sustains minimal damage to his God Cloth. Seiya’s question about Hades’ sorrowful eyes triggers a moment of recognition.

Athena engages Hades in a duel, but when Seiya intervenes to protect her, he is mortally wounded, slipping into a coma. Athena, unable to kill Hades, weeps. Click here to know who Killed Sagittarius Shura.

United, Shun, Shiryu, Hyoga, and Ikki channel their cosmos into Athena’s Victory Staff, which she hurls at Hades, disintegrating his form and concluding the emotional confrontation.

Hades in the Great Eclipse

After the Specters retreated and Pandora’s Castle crumbled, Hades awaited Shun, his new avatar, in Judeca. Following Orphée’s death, Shun, possessed, banished Seiya to Cocytus. Simultaneously, Ikki conquered Garuda Aiacos in the fifth prison, prompting Hades to summon him.

Transported to Judeca, Ikki clashed with Pandora, recognizing her from a past encounter. Pandora disclosed that the pendant she gave Shun linked him to Hades. Click here to know who was able to kill Aiolos in Saint Seiya.

Shun briefly reasserted control, urging Ikki to kill him to thwart the Greatest Eclipse, aligning nine planets and casting Earth into darkness. Unable to comply, Ikki was hurled into Cocytus by Harpy Valentine.

Athena and Virgo Shaka arrived later, offering a deal: Athena’s sacrifice to halt the eclipse. Expelling Hades from Shun, Athena’s blood enraged him, dragging her to Elysium.


In Elysium, Seiya, Shun, Shiryu, Hyoga, and Ikki confront Thanatos and Hypnos. Defeating the twins, Athena lures Hades to awaken in his own body.

Engaging all five Saints, Hades, barely affected in his God Cloth, reveals sorrowful eyes when Seiya questions. Athena enters the battle, leading to a duel with Hades. While defending her, Seiya is mortally wounded, falling into a coma.

Athena refrains from killing Hades, shedding tears. Shun, Shiryu, Hyoga, and Ikki channel their cosmos into Athena’s Victory Staff, destroying Hades’s body. Click here to know how Saga died in Saint Seiya.

In the latest manga installment, Athena and Shun travel back in time to break Seiya’s curse by Hades. Transformed into a baby by the god of time, Chronos, Athena faces danger from a sanctuary pope, a spy for Hades. Shun, alongside Pegasus Tenma, strives to save Athena from this perilous situation.

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