Who Killed Albafica in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas?

In the anime and manga series Saint Seiya, Pisces Albafica meets a tragic fate. Check below to know more!

Minos, the Judge of Hell, killed Albafica in Saint Seiya. After rejecting Albafica’s Crimson Thorn attack and subjecting him to torture, Minos used his power to break every bone in Albafica’s body. Despite surviving, Albafica later sacrificed himself by fatally poisoning Minos with a Bloody Rose, ending his own life in the process.

Their intense battle takes a cruel turn when Minos dismisses Albafica’s Crimson Thorn attack, criticizing his focus on combat instead of his inherent beauty.

In a disturbing display of sadism, Minos subjects Albafica to prolonged torture, belittling his appearance. Eventually, Minos utilizes his formidable abilities to shatter every bone in Albafica’s body, leaving him seemingly lifeless.

Despite his injuries, Albafica challenges Minos as he threatens Rodorio. Albafica reuses the Crimson Thorn, concealing a lethal Bloody Rose filled with his venom. Minos falls victim to the trap, and Albafica finds peace in death. Check a review of the Saint Seiya Lost Canvas anime.

Albafica and Minos Fight

Upon Hades’s resurgence in Alone’s body, Pandora sends Griffon Minos and a cohort of specters to infiltrate the sanctuary. Albafica, a Pisces Saint, leaves his post in the twelfth house to ensnare intruders in a lethal rose garden, protecting the sanctuary and Rodorio village.

He deploys the Deep Fragrance to immunize himself from the roses’ poison, vanquishing Deep Niobe with the Crimson Thorn.

Minos obliterates the rose barrier, paralyzes Albafica with Cosmic Marionettion, and orders specters to assault the sanctuary, targeting Rodorio. Albafica’s strategic Bloody Roses obliterate the specters’ ranks.

Despite Minos rejecting Albafica’s Crimson Thorn, he inflicts prolonged torment, deeming a beautiful man unworthy of combat. Minos shatters Albafica’s bones, assuming him dead.

However, Albafica rallies, executing a cunning ruse. His Crimson Thorn diversion conceals a deadly Bloody Rose strike to Minos’s heart, sealing his foe’s fate. Albafica meets his end but embraces the roses he once saw as a curse.

Albafica’s Biography

Albafica’s enigmatic character is a subject of fascination. He exudes a quiet, tranquil, and solitary demeanor, not by choice but necessity.

His heart overflows with generosity, yet he isolates himself to shield others from his deadly, poison-infused blood, a consequence of prolonged exposure to malevolent demon roses.

This self-imposed isolation has led to a misperception of aloofness and arrogance, a belief that Albafica considers himself superior due to his extraordinary beauty. Check more about Aphrodite, his sucessor, in Saint Seiya.

In reality, he grapples with a profound sense of responsibility, sacrificing personal connections to safeguard those he might inadvertently harm, offering a poignant illustration of the internal struggles that shape his complex character.

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