Top 10 Saint Seiya Best Songs

Step into a world of cherished memories as we explore the timeless melodies that defined the iconic anime, Saint Seiya.

From the evocative “Pegasus Fantasy” to the poignant “Blue Dream,” this article takes a nostalgic journey through the 10 best songs that continue to resonate with fans’ hearts.

10. Kami no En – Del Regno – 

“Kami No En Del Regno” is an composition that resonates within Saint Seiya’s Hades Saga. This ethereal piece, composed by Seiji Yokoyama, envelops the series’ climactic moments with an aura of divine tension and cosmic power.

The orchestral arrangement reflects the monumental battles and the Knights’ confrontation with the forces of the underworld.

The song’s evocative melody immerses listeners in a realm where gods and mortals collide, enhancing the saga’s mythic atmosphere.

“Kami No En Del Regno” serves as a haunting musical backdrop, symbolizing the epic scale of the Knights’ final struggle against the might of Hades. See all of the sagas ranked.

9. Takusu Mono He – My Dear

“Takusu Mono He – My Dear” encapsulates poignant emotion within Saint Seiya’s Hades Saga. This reflective composition, composed by Seiji Yokoyama, creates a solemn ambiance that mirrors the characters’ profound choices and heartfelt bonds.

Its gentle melody underscores moments of introspection and farewell, enhancing the saga’s emotional depth. The song’s delicate instrumentation and poignant notes convey a sense of longing and devotion, resonating with the Knights’ unwavering determination.

“Takusu Mono He – My Dear” stands as a musical embodiment of the characters’ sacrifices and love, enriching the saga’s narrative with its evocative power. Read a ranking of all of the Saint Seiya animes here.

8. Athena’s Lament

“Athena’s Lament” emerges as a poignant and resonant composition within the Saint Seiya soundtrack.

This song carries with it a profound sense of sacrifice and duty, perfectly encapsulating the struggles faced by the Knights in their quest to protect Athena and the world.

The melody’s melancholic beauty tugs at the heartstrings, mirroring the weight of the characters’ responsibilities and the price they’re willing to pay.

As an emblem of the characters’ unwavering dedication, “Athena’s Lament” takes on a symbolic role, enhancing the emotional depth of the series.

It becomes a musical conduit that conveys the characters’ love for Athena and their willingness to lay down their lives for her. 

7. Soldier Dream

“Soldier Dream” stands as a spirited anthem within Saint Seiya’s Asgard Saga. Hironobu Kageyama’s powerful vocals breathe life into the opening theme, encapsulating the saga’s essence of unity, heroism, and sacrifice.

The song’s fervent melody ignites a surge of energy, perfectly complementing the Knights’ battles against the Asgardian gods.

Its vibrant harmony weaves a sense of camaraderie, emboldening the Bronze Knights as they face celestial challenges.

“Soldier Dream” captures the saga’s adventurous spirit and the characters’ unwavering determination, solidifying its place as a captivating musical emblem of the saga’s heroic journey. To know more about the Asgard saga, click here.

6. Kimi to Onaji Aozora

“Kimi to Onaji Aozora” is a bittersweet ballad that echoes in Saint Seiya’s Hades Saga. Sung by Yumi Matsuzawa, this heartfelt composition conveys both love and longing, enhancing the saga’s emotional tapestry.

The song’s tender melody and Matsuzawa’s soulful voice intertwine to evoke a sense of nostalgia and profound emotion.

“Kimi to Onaji Aozora” underscores the characters’ enduring bonds and the trials they face, leaving an indelible mark on fans’ hearts.

Its poignant resonance complements the saga’s themes of sacrifice and resilience, making it an integral part of Saint Seiya’s emotional landscape.

5. Sad Brothers

Ranked as the fifth best Saint Seiya song, “Sad Brothers” earns its position through its evocative and poignant composition.

This melody’s unique ability to capture complex emotions within a few notes adds depth to critical moments in the narrative. It becomes a sonic representation of the series’ emotional intricacies, enriching character development.

As a recurring theme, “Sad Brothers” consistently tugs at heartstrings, resonating with fans on a profound level.

Its emergence during melancholic scenes, particularly those involving the separated siblings, creates a powerful emotional connection that transcends language barriers. Its melancholy notes mirror the characters’ struggles and elevate their humanity, leaving a lasting impact.

“Sad Brothers” is more than a mere musical piece; it’s an emotional conduit that enhances the emotional depth of Saint Seiya. Its ability to encapsulate feelings of loss, longing, and resilience establishes its significance within the series’ musical landscape.

4. Blue Forever

“Blue Forever” claims the fourth spot among the best songs in Saint Seiya due to its touching and resonant composition. This melody’s emotive power lies in its ability to convey deep emotions of friendship, loyalty, and determination.

As the ending theme for the Poseidon arc, it creates an enduring connection with fans by highlighting the enduring bonds between the Knights.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics and serene melody encapsulate the emotional growth of the characters as they face insurmountable challenges.

“Blue Forever” enriches the emotional tapestry of the series, delivering a sense of unity and hope amidst adversity. Its inclusion in pivotal moments, such as the Knights’ unwavering fight against Poseidon, enhances its impact.

As a testament to the characters’ unbreakable camaraderie, “Blue Forever” secures its place as the fourth best Saint Seiya song, leaving a lasting imprint on the series’ legacy.

3. Blue Dream

“Blue Dream” ranks as the third best Saint Seiya song due to its exceptional ability to evoke powerful emotions and enhance pivotal moments within the narrative.

With its melancholic yet captivating melody, the song aptly complements the series’ themes of sacrifice and camaraderie. It leaves an indelible mark, serving as the emotional anchor for the saga’s critical moments.

Its emergence in the Hades arc, a saga known for its depth and intensity, solidifies its significance. “Blue Dream” intimately connects with fans, resonating on a profound level as it underscores the heart-wrenching sacrifices made by the Gold Saints.

Its emotional resonance, coupled with its perfect synchronization with the series’ storytelling, elevates it to the upper echelons of Saint Seiya’s musical library.

The song’s haunting beauty and its ability to amplify poignant scenes have cemented “Blue Dream” as an integral part of the series’ emotional landscape.

2. Chikyuugi

“Chikyuugi” emerges as the quintessential Saint Seiya composition, weaving a tapestry of emotions that encapsulates the saga’s depth.

Its hauntingly beautiful melody and evocative lyrics resonate powerfully, serving as an anthem of resilience and sacrifice. The song’s inclusion in the Hades arc, a pinnacle of the series, heightens its impact, reflecting the characters’ evolution and the gravitas of their journey.

“Chikyuugi” masterfully harmonizes both the celestial and the human, mirroring Saint Seiya’s core theme of cosmic forces intermingling with mortal struggles.

Its ethereal quality transports listeners to the realm of gods and heroes, evoking the grandeur of their battle against the underworld. As the definitive song of the Hades saga, it resonates deeply with fans, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Its emotive prowess, seamless integration with the narrative, and capacity to convey profound emotions elevate “Chikyuugi” to the pinnacle of Saint Seiya’s musical legacy.

1. Pegasus Fantasy

“Pegasus Fantasy” stands as the pinnacle of Saint Seiya’s musical brilliance, embodying the very spirit of the series.

With its infectious energy, it captures the essence of youthful heroism and determination that defines the Knights of Athena.

The song’s invigorating tempo and empowering lyrics fuse seamlessly with the anime’s action-packed sequences, igniting a surge of excitement and nostalgia in fans’ hearts.

Its universal appeal is remarkable, crossing language barriers to resonate with fans worldwide.

The iconic opening notes instantly transport listeners to the fantastical cosmos of Saint Seiya, evoking memories of epic battles, steadfast camaraderie, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

“Pegasus Fantasy” encapsulates the very heart of the show’s legacy, encapsulating its timeless themes in a melody that remains etched in the collective memory of fans.

Its ability to invoke the same passion and determination found in the Knights themselves solidifies its status as the best Saint Seiya song, forever synonymous with the series’ indomitable spirit.

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