What comes after Saint Seiya?

For those who finished the classic anime and manga Saint Seiya, many may wonder what they should read or watch.

Following the conclusion of the Saint Seiya anime, fans were treated to a sequel in the form of the manga “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension.” This manga continues the epic saga created by Masami Kurumada.

Set in the same universe, “Next Dimension” delves into the events leading up to the original series. The story unveils the complexities of time travel, exploring the origins of the Gold Saints and their connection to the present-day heroes.

With its intricate plot, rich character development, and breathtaking battles, “Next Dimension” offers a fresh perspective while maintaining the essence that made Saint Seiya a beloved classic.

It’s a thrilling journey that not only expands the lore but also keeps the flame of the original series burning brightly for both new and existing fans. Click here to check all of the Saint Seiya animes ranked.

Is Saint Seiya: Next Dimension the sequel of the Saint Seiya original series?

This sequel explores new challenges, characters, and dimensions, while maintaining the core themes and elements that define the “Saint Seiya” franchise.

“Saint Seiya: Next Dimension” is recognized as the official sequel to the original “Saint Seiya” manga series created by Masami Kurumada. Set within the same narrative universe, “Next Dimension” continues the story after the events of the original series, following the adventures of the Bronze Saints.

Created by Kurumada himself, “Next Dimension” is considered part of the main continuity and is acknowledged as a canonical extension of the original storyline, making it an integral and authoritative continuation of the beloved series. Click here to read a review of Next Dimension.

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

“Saint Seiya: Next Dimension” follows the Bronze Saints traveling to the past as they venture back in time to the 18th century to prevent a catastrophic war.

Aided by the past’s Gold Saints, they aim to save Athena and preserve the future. However, the journey through time unveils secrets, challenging loyalties and introducing new foes.

The Gold Saints’ origins, tangled with myth and destiny, come to light as the battle for both eras unfolds.

This gripping manga intricately weaves past and present, expanding the Saint Seiya universe with time-travel complexities, character revelations, and epic battles against time itself. Check a review for the Saint Seiya: Next Dimension manga here.

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