Saint Seiya (Classic Anime): Review

Come along as we check out the Saint Seiya anime in our new review. We’ll look at the cool fights and interesting stories that make up this legendary series.

Join us as we dive deep into what makes Saint Seiya a timeless anime masterpiece.

1. Galaxian Wars

The Galaxian Wars is the first story in Saint Seiya. It introduces the characters and has a creative tournament. The warriors, each representing a constellation, wear special Cloth armors.

The tournament is exciting, showing off the characters’ strengths. However, it has problems like confusing parts in the story, which can be frustrating for viewers.

While it sets up the characters and their powers, the issues with the story make it less impactful. Compared to later stories in Saint Seiya, the Galaxian Wars is not as complex or deep.

It has its flaws, but it’s the beginning of the series and led to the other, better-known stories in Saint Seiya. Check all of the bronze saint shere.

Rating: 6/10

2. Sanctuary

Many fans see the Sanctuary Arc as the best part of Saint Seiya. It’s a big deal because it introduces the cool Gold Saints, who represent different zodiac signs.

The story gets intense as our heroes face tough challenges in the Sanctuary. People really love the Gold Saints and how they look and fight.

Even though most fans love this arc, some say a few fights could have been better. They think these fights could have had more feelings or excitement. But, these opinions are small compared to how awesome the whole arc is.

The story is deep, and characters grow a lot. The arc talks about important things like loyalty and sacrifice. Even with some small complaints about certain fights, the Sanctuary Arc is a big deal in Saint Seiya.

It’s a crucial part that brings together great action and emotional stories, leaving a lasting impact on the series. Check who’s the strongest gold saint in the show.

Rating: 9/10

3. Asgard

Even though some people call the Asgard Saga filler in Saint Seiya, it’s actually pretty cool. It’s not part of the main story, but it has awesome fights that are as exciting as the main ones.

The bad guys in this saga have interesting backstories that make the story more interesting. What’s even cooler is that they mix in Norse mythology, which gives the saga a special vibe. Check here how the Asgard Saga could be better.

Even though Asgard doesn’t directly connect to the main story, it still adds fun and expands the Saint Seiya world. It shows that the series can be creative in different ways.

So, even if it’s not part of the main plot, the Asgard Saga is worth watching for its great battles, cool villains, and the unique touch of Norse mythology. Check the main inspirations for Asgard Saga here.

Rating: 8/10

4. Poseidon

The Poseidon Saga in Saint Seiya has a good story that fans can enjoy. It’s about the Bronze Saints facing off against the sea god Poseidon.

However, some people say it feels a bit too much like the previous sagas. It follows the same pattern, and some folks might want something different.

Also, while Poseidon’s underwater world looks awesome, the fights aren’t as memorable as the powerful Gold Saints or the interesting warriors from the Asgard Saga.

Even with these points, the Poseidon Saga is still worth watching. It has the action and drama that fans like in Saint Seiya. Click here to know all of the Saint Seiya god characters.

It might not be as fresh as some would hope, and the enemies might not be the best, but it still adds to the overall Saint Seiya story with its good plot and sticking to the familiar formula.

Rating: 7/10

5. Hades

The Hades Saga in Saint Seiya is considered the best by many fans. It’s super exciting because it gives more spotlight to the Gold Saints, who are fan-favorite characters. Finally, they get to show off their powers and tell more about their stories.

But that’s not all—there are also these really cool bad guys called the Hades Specters. They work for the god of the underworld, and they bring a dark and scary vibe to the story. The fights between the Saints and the Hades Specters are amazing and look really cool.

What makes the Hades Saga stand out is that it’s not just about the awesome battles. It also dives into the feelings and stories of the characters, making them more interesting. Check here who killed Hades in Saint Seiya.

The mix of intense fights and deep character stuff makes the Hades Saga the top pick for many Saint Seiya fans. It’s a perfect blend of action, characters, and a great story that makes it a favorite for both new viewers and longtime fans.

While the animation quality dips in the latter parts, the saga remains exceptional. It’s able to overshadow the animation concerns, making it a standout in the series. The overall quality of the story and its impact on fans contribute to its continued acclaim.

Rating: 10/10

Saint Seiya: Is it Good?

The Saint Seiya anime, though exhibiting some plot holes and dated animation, stands as a compelling series with enduring appeal for anime enthusiasts.

The Saint Seiya anime is a great watch for anime fans, even though it has some plot holes and the animation looks a bit old. The story is exciting, with cool characters and epic battles. Even though the animation is not super modern, the emotions and themes in the show make it worth checking out. 

It’s an important part of anime history and has a lot of fans, so if you’re into classic anime with cosmic adventures, Saint Seiya is definitely worth watching. Check a review for the classic Saint Seiya manga.

For those willing to overlook minor flaws, Saint Seiya offers a nostalgic and engaging journey that has influenced subsequent anime and remains a cornerstone of the genre’s history.

It’s worth a watch for anime fans looking to explore the roots of the medium and experience a classic tale of cosmic heroism.

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