What happened to Pegasus Tenma?

In the world of”Saint Seiya,” the character Tenma has undergone a series of dramatic events, trials, and transformations that have left an indelible mark on the narrative.

From his epic battles against Hades in “The Lost Canvas” to his continued journey in the “Next Dimension,” the saga of Tenma is one filled with cosmic conflicts, mythical encounters, and the enduring spirit of a Pegasus Saint.

This article aims to unravel the captivating storyline of Tenma, exploring the pivotal moments, challenges, and evolutions that have shaped his character throughout the “Saint Seiya” series.

What happens to Pegasus Tenma in The Lost Canvas?

Pegasus Tenma engages in a fierce battle against Hades in the Lost Canvas but struggles to defeat him.

In the Lost Canvas, Pegasus Tenma, aided by Sasha, battles Hades. Facing challenges, he confronts his Specter-turned mother, Partita. The Pegasus Cloth is destroyed, but Tenma’s soul reunites with it, forming a powerful God Cloth. After defeating Alone and Hades, Tenma, Sasha, and Alone don’t return to Earth, leaving their fate uncertain.

With the assistance of Sasha, they overwhelm Hades by sending her blood to the underworld god. Pandora intervenes, attempting to kill them, but Hades invites them to the Demonic Temples.

Tenma faces challenges, including a confrontation with his mother, Partita, who becomes a Specter. In the ensuing conflict, the Pegasus Cloth is destroyed, but Tenma’s soul reunites with it, forming a powerful God Cloth.

Despite losing his will to fight, Tenma is encouraged by allies and ultimately defeats Alone, causing the destruction of the Lost Canvas and Hades taking complete possession of Alone’s body.

Shion and Dohko gather the Gold Cloths’ power to weaken Hades, leading to victory. However, Tenma, Sasha, and Alone do not return to Earth. Check a review about the Lost Canvas anime.

Shion becomes the new Pope to rebuild the Sanctuary, and Dohko seals 108 souls, preparing for the next Holy War. The trio’s fate remains uncertain, leaving an unresolved conclusion to their journey.

What happens to Pegasus Tenma in Next Dimension?

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, is the official sequel to the classic manga. However, it is not finished yet. 

Despite not finished, here’s what happened last to Tenma in Next Dimension: Odysseus transforms into Asclepius, urging Tenma to let Hades’ army kill Sasha. Asclepius sends Tenma to Firenze, where he battles specters and Giulietta. Saved by the Counter of Death, Tenma learns of Suikyo’s sacrifice. Revitalized, he defeats Giulietta but faces Wyvern Chagall, who overpowers him and seizes Sasha.

In a sudden twist, Odysseus’ personality transforms into Asclepius of Ophiuchus. Tenma tries to comprehend the change, but Asclepius suggests letting Hades’ army kill Sasha, claiming he will soon dominate the world.

Asclepius aims his staff at Tenma, causing him to vanish. Saved by Odysseus, Tenma finds himself in Firenze. Confronting a group of specters and battling Giulietta of Papillon, Tenma is overpowered. Giulietta, using her Deadly Enchantment, sends Tenma to Yomotsu.

Saved by the Counter of Death, who left Omertà thanks to Odysseus, Tenma explains the situation. The Counter of Death, feeling inferior, reminds Tenma of Suikyo’s sacrifice and encourages him to keep fighting. Check a summary about Saint Seiya; Next Dimension here!

Using Shabadabada, the Counter of Death returns Tenma to the living. Revitalized, Tenma fights Giulietta, showcasing increased power. Giulietta senses godly cosmos from Tenma’s flower bracelet, connecting to Sasha’s bracelet.

Despite Giulietta’s denial, she falls to Pegasus Meteor. Before dying, she warns of another specter, likely the last of the 3 judges, predicting Tenma won’t protect Athena in the end.

Resting, Tenma faces Wyvern Chagall, recognizing him as one of the judges. Defending Sasha, Tenma attacks with Pegasus Meteor, but Chagall, using minimal force, repels it.

Tenma persists, annoying Chagall, who retaliates with Maximum Destruction, hitting Tenma and seizing Sasha.

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