Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – MANGA Review

With captivating storytelling, expressive artwork, and nuanced character development, this review explores the strengths that make “The Lost Canvas” a standout and worthy addition to the iconic franchise.


The artwork in “The Lost Canvas” manga is a standout feature, elevating the series to a visually stunning and immersive experience. Illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi, the art is characterized by intricate details, dynamic compositions, and a meticulous rendering of characters and environments.

Teshirogi’s skillful use of shading and linework brings the mythological world to life, capturing the intensity of battles and the emotions of characters with a rich and expressive style.

The attention to facial expressions and body language adds depth to the narrative, enhancing the reader’s connection to the story. Click here to read a complete review about the Lost Canvas Anime.

The artwork’s consistency throughout the series contributes to a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic, making “The Lost Canvas” a compelling and visually captivating manga that complements its engaging storyline.


“The Lost Canvas” manga distinguishes itself through its exceptional character development, a strength that contributes significantly to its narrative depth and emotional resonance.

Authored by Shiori Teshirogi, the manga delves into the intricate backgrounds, motivations, and growth of its characters. Each figure, from the main protagonists to the antagonists, is meticulously crafted with unique personalities and compelling arcs.

The exploration of their pasts and internal struggles adds layers to the narrative, fostering a profound connection between the readers and the characters.

Teshirogi skillfully weaves intricate relationships and explores the complexities of human nature, ensuring that each character undergoes meaningful development. Check here wether or not Lost Canvas is canon.

This emphasis on character evolution not only enhances the overall storytelling but also invests readers in the fates of the characters, creating a resonant and memorable experience within the pages of “The Lost Canvas.”


“The Lost Canvas” manga distinguishes itself with remarkable and intense battle sequences, showcasing the author Shiori Teshirogi’s skill in choreography and visual storytelling.

While not surpassing the legendary fights of the classic “Saint Seiya” manga, “The Lost Canvas” holds its own with dynamic and well-illustrated combat scenes. Teshirogi’s artistic prowess brings a fresh perspective to the series, portraying the clashes between the Saints and their adversaries with creativity and flair.

The battles, though not eclipsing the iconic fights of the original, are nonetheless a standout feature, adding a layer of excitement and tension to the narrative.

The manga’s ability to deliver compelling and visually striking confrontations contributes to its overall appeal, making it a noteworthy addition to the “Saint Seiya” universe with its own unique take on epic battles. Check a complete review about the Saint Seiya Episode G manga.


“The Lost Canvas” manga stands out with a compelling narrative that surpasses its predecessor, “Next Dimension.” Authored by Shiori Teshirogi, the story unfolds seamlessly, seamlessly blending Greek mythology with the rich lore of the “Saint Seiya” universe.

The plot is meticulously crafted, offering a captivating exploration of friendship, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The storytelling in “The Lost Canvas” is more nuanced and engaging compared to “Next Dimension,” with a well-paced narrative that keeps readers invested in the characters and their fates.

Its cohesive and well-developed plot, combined with Teshirogi’s skillful execution, positions “The Lost Canvas” as a superior prequel to the classic manga, deserving recognition as the official backstory to the iconic “Saint Seiya” series.

The manga’s quality narrative elevates it as an essential and enriching addition to the beloved franchise. Click here to read a complete review about the Next Dimension manga.


“The Lost Canvas” earns a commendable overall rating of 9.0 due to its numerous strengths. The manga excels in captivating storytelling, seamlessly weaving Greek mythology into the “Saint Seiya” universe.

Shiori Teshirogi’s masterful artwork is a visual feast, with intricate details and expressive character designs. Character development is a standout feature, as each figure undergoes meaningful growth and contributes to the narrative’s emotional depth.

The well-choreographed battles, while not surpassing the classic manga, remain a highlight, showcasing Teshirogi’s artistic prowess. The series’ ability to surpass its sequel, “Next Dimension,” solidifies its status as an excellent prequel to the iconic franchise.

Overall, “The Lost Canvas” offers a compelling and nuanced experience, earning its high rating through a harmonious blend of rich storytelling, captivating characters, and visually stunning artwork.

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