Who Is The Wife Of Hades In Saint Seiya?

Did you think Pandora was Hades’ wife? You’re wrong. Read more to know who’s Hades’ true wife.

In Saint Seiya, it’s important to note that Persephone is portrayed as the wife of Hades, not Pandora. Hades and Persephone are often depicted as a couple in Greek mythology, and this relationship is faithfully represented in Saint Seiya. Pandora, on the other hand, is typically depicted as Hades’ sister in the series.

Therefore, in the Saint Seiya storyline, Persephone assumes the role of Hades’ consort, with Pandora playing a different familial role as his sister. Click here to know who killed Hades in Saint Seiya.

Who’s Persephone in Saint Seiya?

Persephone is the deity associated with the harvest, serving as the spouse of Hades and holding the title of Empress in the Underworld, where she is recognized as the Lady of the Dead.

Who’s Pandora in Saint Seiya?

Pandora is Hades’ representative in Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada. She is the sister of Hades’ spirit in this life. Once an ordinary girl surrounded by a loving family, Pandora’s life changed when chosen by the guardian gods, Thanatos and Hypnos.

Persephone in Saint Seiya Online

Persephone made her initial appearance in the game Saint Seiya Online, where her character is portrayed as actively assisting Hades in realizing his ambitions.

This particular portrayal suggests that Persephone aligns with her husband’s perspectives on both humanity and the underworld.

The narrative unfolds as she actively engages in furthering Hades’ goals, emphasizing a shared vision between the divine couple regarding their views on humans and the underworld. Check the 10 best Saint Seiya games here!

Persephone in Saint Seiya Awakening

Persephone made a striking entrance in the original narrative of Saint Seiya Awakening, unveiling a completely refreshed appearance concurrent with the timeline of Saint Seiya Next Dimension’s inaugural arc.

Following her recognition of Hades’ descent, Persephone initiated a vengeance scheme in collaboration with Chronos, aligning with her husband’s initial storyline.

With the aim of advancing Hades’ original plot, Persephone, wielding her mother’s sickle, orchestrated the resurrection of some of the most formidable specters, unleashing them upon Earth.

Notably, in Awakening, her visual resemblance to Artemis is striking, yet she lacks the protective armor typically associated with divine entities in the Saint Seiya universe.

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