Who is the Strongest Saint in Lost Canvas? Top 7

Today, we’re breaking down the rankings, looking at who’s got the most strength, moves, and ability in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas.

Stick around as we reveal the Top 7 contenders and explore what makes them the mightiest in the world of Lost Canvas Saints.

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7. Manigold

A formidable fighter, Manigoldo combines strength, intelligence, and commendable durability. Overcoming a specter powered by Thanatos and withstanding the immense cosmos of one of the twin gods, he demonstrates his prowess.

It’s crucial to consider that his power set is specifically tailored to counter Veronica and secure a victory against Thanatos. Despite this, he stands above the mid-tier, showcasing his exceptional combat abilities. Check a Lost Canvas manga review clicking here.

6. El Cid

Possessing strength, resourcefulness, intelligence, and notable resilience, El Cid may lack the sheer power to ascend further, but he exhibits the courage to overcome formidable and cunning adversaries. His ability to vanquish several strong and tricky opponents earns him a place at the lower end of the high-tier spectrum. Click here to read a Lost Canvas anime review here.

5. Asmita

Determining Asmita’s rank is challenging. He effortlessly dispatches numerous small specters, a feat common among others on this list. However, he succumbs without engaging in a serious battle. Known for restraining Aspros in the past, he likely deserves a high-tier placement, even if the twins surpassed him later. Check here what comes after Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas.

4. Deuteros

While not as potent as Aspros (partly due to self-imposed technique limitations), Deuteros is equally monstrous and touted as the most adept at wielding his cosmos among the gold saints. Possessing considerable stamina and notable intelligence, he may be the least powerful among the top tier but is still a formidable contender. Click here to know if Lost Canvas is canon.

3. Sysiphus

His formidable power, speed, and cosmos make him a monstrous force and undoubtedly the supreme champion of stamina. He effortlessly dispatches Garuda with a single punch, even after his cosmo is weakened, and his nervous system is compromised

 Subsequently enduring attacks from a powered-up Pharaoh without faltering, he remains a prominent figure in the Athena Exclamation. Although lacking in strategic acumen, his place among the elite is well-deserved.

2. Aspros

Remarkably robust, he not only possesses immense physical strength but also demonstrates superior intelligence in utilizing it. Consecutively defeating Deuteros and Youma underscores his exceptional stamina, placing him at the pinnacle.

1. Regulus

Regulus is undeniably potent, boasting a cosmos comparable to the twins despite his youth. However, his immaturity as a fighter, highlighted by his inability to fully harness his cosmos without strain, places him lower in the rankings. Nevertheless, challenging Radamanthis showcases his high-tier capabilities.

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